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Cutting Edge Ezlogz ELD Technology in Action

Fleet management and telematics is a core focus for Ezlogz. Introduction of new solutions allows companies to minimize their costs and to ensure high-quality monitoring of the vehicle condition. It is quite easy to connect devices to your vehicle. You just plug it into the OBDn (on-board diagnostics). 

How does the cost of services form?

The brand became famous thanks to the introduction of new technology into the market. It is based on the fact that the connection of accounts is sufficient to track the fleet operation. The functionality of the devices is quite diverse which means that users have unlimited possibilities. 

The list of services you can access includes:

  • location tracking;
  • monitoring of working hours;
  • passenger management;
  • reefer management;
  • fuel tax monitoring. 

To specify the pricing policy for your company, call for a personal consultation. But before making a list of services you need and decide how many vehicles you plan to connect. The service pricing is calculated individually. 

Benefits of using technology

The prices of Ezlogz and other companies may vary, so it is recommended to make a decision after studying the key differences. The basic solution includes the wide range of functions that can be connected if needed. Besides, there is no need to obviously sign the contract. 

Working with devices is simple. The brand provides the hardware and software to activate services. In order to receive the necessary equipment, the customer makes a subscription, the minimum duration of which is one month.

This period is sufficient to examine the suggested functionality and decide to continue the cooperation or not. you'll need to cancel your subscription 30 days before the scheduled date. Since the cost includes the use of additional options, it is possible to estimate on the basis of your own experience.

However, the list of advantages is not limited to this. Additional arguments include: 

  1. Automatic data collection. Vehicle and driver data is logged for easy mode management. The administrator controls the driver’s working time, monitors the state of the vehicle and makes decisions regarding the need of maintenance. All of these functions are available remotely, thus simplifying the work of the divisions.
  2. Hardware is fully FMCSA registered. The first devices were started after completion of the check. The Organization has confirmed that the hardware meets the requirements, which is the basis for the safe use of the technology.
  3. No violations. The duration of drivers' work is strictly regulated, so the tracking function was very useful. The driver will need to specify the working time and its beginning. At the end of the specified period, the device is notified of the upcoming break or the end of the working day.

Location tracking is included in the basic service package. It is quite easy to make additions, since you will need to familiarize yourself with the detailed description of the functionality and make a choice in favor of the best options. The storage of collected data does not require the use of separate devices, as the information is synchronized with the cloud storage. 

Quick access to the necessary files, simple HOS control and timely solution of complicated situations allows you to save your budget. Remote process control simplifies communication between dispatches and truck drivers.


There is another reason to make a choice in favor of a new Ezlogz product. The novelty has already collected about 2000 positive reviews on popular services, which confirms the proper quality of the provided services. The excellent reputation of the device is well-deserved, and this is confirmed by the ratings of drivers and administrators. 

The collected information can be accessed from anywhere in the country. An automatic upgrade takes a few minutes after connection to the network. It is enough to take care of the availability of SIM-cards to start devices. Registration in the network is carried out not only by device of the company, but also by mobile phone. 

Loss of mobile data will not affect the results of use. The brand took care of automatic synchronization of information as soon as devices appeared on the network. Thus, the logs remain available to dispatchers, managers and administration. 

Modern technologies allow us to perform various tasks in a convenient format. The absence of violations and control of working time can reduce risks for the driver and the logistic company. Connecting alerts is a reasonable solution to ensure the safety of all traffic participants.

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