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Essay Writing Tips How to Pull an All-Nighter

How to survive an all nighter? How to enjoy life as an all-nighter? When it comes to all-night essay writing, students get confused about whether they should take care of their health or need to complete the essay. Experienced team from EssayZoo knows, that at the college, you will be challenged a number of times. Sometimes you may have to submit an assignment in a few hours, and the other times you will be given a sophisticated topic. In such circumstances, you should not compromise on the quality since this can lead the teacher to fail you in the final project.

It is a common observation that students lack energy and lose their interest in studies while working in night hours. However, they still have to manage as the essay is due the next morning and they are to impress the teacher at any cost. If you have some similar confusion in mind and want to write an effective paper in a short time, then you should remember the following points.

Remember the lectures and notes

One of the major mistakes students make is that they forget about their lectures and notes. When deciding to write an all nighter essay, you should keep your important notes and books on your study table. You may have prepared notes in the class, which could help complete the essay in a better way. For instance, if the essay is related to teenage depression and the teacher had given a lecture on this topic some days ago, you might have the information or major points written on your notebook. It would be great to keep this information in hands so that you can mention important things in your own paper without compromising on the quality and deadline. If the teacher had defined the topic and given some explanations, you can use the same ideas in your own essay but do not forget to rephrase everything so that the teacher does not give you poor marks. If it’s so hard for you, you can look for original essays for sale, which can help you to get some new ideas.

In the next step, you should plan what to cover in the essay and how many headings it should have. Ideally, a 5-paragraph essay will guarantee good results, but this has to be written from scratch. It means there is no room for plagiarism and poor or out of context content. In order to make things clearer, take some important points from the notebook and mention them on a separate page, making a short and precise outline. Then you can be clear about what to write and how to cover the major aspects of the essay.

Avoid distractions

When you decide to do all nighters work, you should bear in mind certain things to do during an all nighter. The great all nighter is someone who knows how to avoid distractions. For example, if your social media profiles are open, you should close them instantly. If the light in the study area is dim and the door is open, then you should get proper lighting and close the door, asking your parents and siblings to not disturb you while you are finishing the writing project.

Similarly, if your mobile phone is in an “on” position, then the chance is that your friend will call or send a text message and this can waste a lot of precious time and energy. You should avoid all of these distractions so that you can concentrate on the essay fully and focus on quality and consistency. If you will keep looking at the things around you and will not do the work continuously, then it may become difficult for you to meet the deadline and much of your time and energy will be wasted.

Insert proper references

Are you busy with all nighter writing? One of the best tips for staying up all night is to insert and enough references. You may have used textbooks and scholarly articles while doing the essay. It is integral to insert all of those references in the paper and do not leave anything without citation. If you have not used direct quotes in the paper, then there is no need to insert citations, but for your ease and for leaving a good impression on the teacher, you can insert a page of references and try to keep the number of in-text citations to a minimum.

Once the writing has been done, the final and one of the most important steps is to edit and proofread the paper. If the teacher had asked to format it in APA or MLA style, then you should format it accordingly and insert the required number of references at the end of the essay. The quality of the work will be up to the mark when you write everything from scratch and do not copy ideas or sentences from work done by another author or student.

Congratulations! You are now ready to submit the essay and all the best for your academic career.

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