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Essay Evaluation Criteria You Need to Know

As a college or high school student, you need to have an idea of what is expected of you when writing an essay. Having at the back of your mind, the essay grading criteria used in marking essays help you in writing better and relevant papers. This, in turn, results in better scores in your academic papers.

Essay Evaluation

What Criteria do Evaluators Use on Essays?

When writing your essays, purpose to please your lecturer. If need be, find someone to review your work before you can submit it to ensure it is perfect. With this criteria for evaluation, essay writing becomes a walk in the park. Here are is an essay evaluation criteria guide to help you write better.

1. Relevance

This is one of the most essential elements lecturers and professors look into when marking your essay. They check whether or not your article directly answers the question posed. Prior to writing your essay, understand the instructions. It makes it easy to plan your answer carefully.

To stay relevant, do not deviate from the topic. This means making every point in the paper relatable to the question. Relevance helps you gain more marks in your assignments.

2. Understanding

This element is closely related to relevance. However, your answer may be relevant, but your understanding of the question is not very clear. Understand what you are writing to articulate it in the best possible way. It gives your paper a nice flow.

3. Evidence used

When a lecturer is grading your essay, there is some emphasis laid on how well you quote other sources in your work. Therefore, you need to be an excellent researcher if you want excellent marks in your papers. This includes the style of citation applied and the resources used in drafting the paper.

To get the maximum marks for this element, follow all the guidelines given about referencing and be accurate. There are a lot of free essays online that can guide you on different citation styles and how to use them.

4. Organization of ideas

This mostly deals with the flow of the article from the beginning to the end. It is a very common evaluation criterion that also dictates the grade you get in your writing assignments. To get maximum points, organize your points from the strongest to the weakest.

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Essay Evaluation

5. Structure and formatting

All your essays must be neatly structured and formatted for you to get an excellent grade. Essay formatting and structuring might take you some time to master, but it not hard. You do not have to cram how to structure and format your essay.

Different lecturers will require different styles. Follow all the guidelines concerning structuring and formatting as given by the tutor.

6. Grammar

Prior to submitting your work, proofread and edit it. This rids your paper of stupid grammar and spelling mistakes. You can still get a poor grade even after meeting all the other evaluation elements because of poor grammar.

Proofreading helps you eliminate any spelling and grammar mistakes that you may have made. This ensures that you present a paper free of errors that can cost you marks.

7. Plagiarism

If your work is not original, it will fail the uniqueness test. Legit websites help you check for plagiarism in your paper. These websites have copy and paste essay checker tools that help you identify plagiarized statements as well as grammatical mistakes in the paper.

Plagiarism attracts very heavy penalties. If so serious, it will lead to the invalidation of your paper by the examiner. Therefore, you need to be very careful when citing other sources to ensure that you don’t plagiarize.

Essay Evaluation

8. References and bibliography

This pertains to your reference list and the style used. The required referencing style will often be indicated in the instruction. Abide by the rules of the citation style used in the assignment when creating your reference list. All examiners have marks for this part; do not lose them!

9. Language

Always use a neutral language in your writing: it should be not offensive at all. Most examiners look to determine whether your language is respectful and consistent. For informal writing, you may use slang language but limit its use.

Closing Remarks

All these elements are part of the essay grading criteria used by examiners for marking essays. Understanding them will help you know what is expected of you in every writing assignment. It is the only way to guarantee yourself an excellent grade. Now that you have the grading criteria am sure you will deliver better essays henceforth.

Good luck!

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