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10 Ways To Ensure Your Business Can Run Without You

Whether you operate an online or offline business, there are times when you just need to get out of the office and treat yourself with some "me time." Unfortunately, if you are the sole employee in the company, this is exceedingly difficult. If you need a break, even if you have an assistant or an intern, they may not be able to pick up where you left off. You can learn about some amazing automation and outsourcing methods that successful entrepreneurs employ to maximize their time and take a break from their businesses in the sections below.

Ensure Business Can Run Without You

Social media

If you want to free up some time, you can't spend a couple of hours a day on social media, attempting to crack the code and keep your sites running. The good news is that you can either outsource the task or plan ahead and schedule your articles. Depending on your budget, you can use a social media management plan that meets your demands, allowing you to focus on creating memories rather than posting updates and being unable to relax. You can use websites like Crowdfire or Tailwind to schedule your posts so that you can focus on enjoying your much needed break.

If your social media pages need supervision, perhaps due to the size of your following and interaction, you can outsource a social media manager to take care of things while you’re away. Be sure to inform them of your brand guidelines, tone of voice, and anything they should focus on while you’re away.

Customer service

Customer service is more essential than everything else when it comes to differentiating your small business in a competitive industry. If you can't be in the office, you might want to add a chat bot to your website so you can get questions and respond when you can. There are also some excellent virtual assistant services that will allow you to take a break while the properly trained staff responds to client inquiries and relays messages.

If you’re keen to keep an eye on reports while you’re away but don’t want to spend lots of time collating them, you can use automated report builders that simply require you to just drag and drop, and if you choose, you could leave the report building in the hands of a very capable employee.


Blogging takes time, and it's difficult to keep track of your blog if you don't have your laptop with you. If you're going on a health retreat, vacation, or meeting up with old friends, you'll need to find a means to replace your blog updates. One of the smart business owners' tricks is to schedule articles ahead of time. You don't even have to manually share your updates on social media; there are lots of plugins that will do it as soon as your post is published, allowing you to enjoy the sights of your time away while your business runs smoothly.

Content management

You'll need to keep track of more than just your blogs, social media profiles, and websites. You'll also need a content management strategy and the ability to distribute documents and customer orders. You might be able to outsource content management for the time you're gone, or you could just train one of your employees to do what you normally do while you're at work. There are several simple content management platform solutions that will allow you to handle everything with a single click.

Ensure Business Can Run Without You

Lead generation

If you're going to work and travel at the same time, you'll need to automate your lead generation. You can utilize lead pages, sales funnels, or hire a professional marketing firm to do it all for you. If you are offering your products and services online, you might hire a telemarketing company to create leads and follow up on current ones.

Think about networking

If you have staff, it's likely that their time is less valuable than yours, so sending them out to do some networking while you're away could be a smart idea. Alternatively, you can build new connections while you're away by attending various networking events and bringing a few business cards with you. You can take your networking online as well. You can catch up with friends at a restaurant nearby while also networking with people who can help you expand your business in the future.

Following up

One of the reasons why some professionals and entrepreneurs refuse to take breaks is because they fear losing any potential business. The reality is that you should be able to stand back and rely on others to look out for your best interests. You can use autoresponders to schedule your follow-ups, and there are a plethora of video conferencing options if you want to be sure you're nurturing your customer connections.

Ensure Business Can Run Without You

Delivery services

You might hire a company to handle your orders if you supply your own services or products to businesses. You'll need to choose a company that will treat your customers as if they were their own, as well as operate around your schedule and company principles. You could also automate content delivery by purchasing business software. If you want to expand your firm, you'll need to allow it room to expand and make it more efficient when it's not run by you.

Keep your customers informed 

It is vital that you provide personalised service to your customers in order to improve consumer loyalty and reputation. You should not let your break disrupt your business's regular operations, so make sure your clients are aware of your plans. If you're turning over client files to a co-worker, make sure your customers know who they may contact if you're not available.

Processing orders

Finally, dealing with orders and clients is one of the things that entrepreneurs hate delegating to others. Some procedures will need to be automated, and your clients will need to be validated. Allowing your customers to become co-creators of their product and service, for example, may help you better satisfy their wants and expectations. This will minimize your workload while also allowing you to provide better service.

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