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Employee Survey Fatigue: How to Prevent It!

To carry out the human resource function effectively at any organization, employee engagement is crucial. Employee surveys are something we’re all familiar with, but the way these surveys are often conducted is outmoded. Employers often conduct frequent surveys to understand their employee lifecycles and have the right data to inform their talent management function.

Over the years, one established means to collect this data remains the classic survey. Surveys in an organization are conducted for several reasons, mental health surveys, pulse surveys, professional development surveys, satisfaction surveys, exit surveys, and the annual engagement survey.

The classic version of the survey used by most employers can be a lengthy and onerous process for employees. As a result, the employee may feel burdened and that affects response rates and incompletion rates, especially on longer surveys like the annual engagement survey. This affects the data collected and the complicated data pools yielded such make it that much more of a task for the employers to make sense of. Here are a few ways you can streamline your company’s survey administrations to make them less cumbersome and prevent employee survey fatigue.

1. Consolidate Surveys to handle several aspects

If you have several upcoming surveys that you want to conduct in your organization, it might be prudent to consolidate several surveys to one customized survey. For instance, you could lump in your annual employee engagement survey, the quarterly Professional development assessment, and a few quick mental health polls all together. Such consolidation allows you the opportunity to collect all the required data in one survey.

2. Consider micropolling tools

MicroPolls are short, frequent pulse surveys that can be added to your official website or blog. The results of these polls can be shared instantly with the users taking the poll. The right tools will let you customize your surveys to include other standard surveys, develop a consistent survey schedule, and tabulate a database for your results. Additionally these tools can help you take and monitor action, and increase engagement. You can easily get employee feedback without survey fatigue with micro-polling.

3. Consistent Scheduling

While there is no denying the effectiveness of collecting engagement data once a year in helping keep your employees engaged, however this does not imply that surveying your employees every day will enhance engagement the same way. Adhering to an established schedule will give your employees something concrete to expect. You should carry out the customized surveys at the same time every year making sure they aren’t done too frequently.

4. Take the necessary action

Employees don’t get survey fatigue as much as they get sick of the lack of action taken on the results of the survey. Ask yourself if the surveys you conduct are the tools for change they’re supposed to be. Most people are happy to share their opinions but if they feel the survey did not bring about any changes or communication, they will be less inclined to do another survey. So if you conduct a survey, take action!

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