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How Do I Successfully Implement
an Employee Recognition Program?

Employee Recognition

Did you know that employee engagement can boost productivity by 17%, increase sales by up to 20%, and drastically reduce absenteeism? Investing in employee engagement is one of the most important things you can do for your business.

How do you do this effectively? With an employee recognition program. Recognition makes employees feel valued and appreciated, boosting engagement and motivation.

Find out how to set up your own successful employee recognition program in just a few steps.

Clarify Your Vision and Set Objectives

Why do you want to implement an employee recognition program? What are you hoping to achieve? The first step in building a recognition program that works is defining what your vision and objectives are.

For most large and small business owners alike, the main objective of these programs is to boost employee engagement, reduce turnover, and build a healthy workplace culture.

When you start by setting specific goals, you can build your bespoke recognition program to support these goals.

Involve Your Employees

Who can give you more insight into employee happiness than your actual employees? It's a mistake to build a recognition program around assumptions, and getting employee feedback and input is vital.

How do your employees want to be recognized? What would boost their engagement? Send out a thorough survey to get actionable insights from employees to build a recognition program that serves them.

Build a Team to Manage the Recognition Program

You will not only need a committee to implement the recognition program but also manage it. Depending on the size of your company this management team may consist of only one or two people or an entire team.

Ensure you choose people who are interested in the program and are passionate about seeing it work. The committee should be communicative and dedicated to creating the best company culture possible.

Define Clear Criteria

Now you need to think about the meat of the program. It's important to define clear criteria around which recognition will be based. What sort of behavior, attitude, tasks, etc, deserve recognition?

You need to find a way to make it meaningful without making it inaccessible. Once you've figured out what should be rewarded and recognized, you need to determine how.

Consider implementing different types of recognition — peer-to-peer, private and public, written and verbal, for example.

Measure, Revisit, Update

You're unlikely to design the perfect program the first time around. As your company grows, and employee needs change, you'll need to update your program.

Therefore, it's important to measure what's working and what isn't. Is the program having a positive effect on productivity, business goals, and brand value? Are employees happier and more engaged?

Using surveys is an effective way to measure the success of the program and get insights on which you can base updates.

Build the Best Employee Recognition Program

Are you ready to build and implement the best employee recognition program? Ensure that you start with defining your vision and getting your employees involved. Remember, measuring and updating your program will be the key to long-term success.

Now that you know how to boost employee engagement, what else would you like to learn? Our site is packed with informative content for business owners. Keep exploring for more articles!

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