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Emilia Wickstead:Why Are Her Clothes So Popular?

When asked by NZ Herald, Wickstead answered she didn't even want to be a fashion designer : 'I wanted to study art history.'

It was her living in Milan, where both women and men are always impeccably dressed. A young girl growing up would surely be influenced by this culture that values fashion so much.

In Wickstead's case, Milan acted really fast because it was still in her 20s that she opened a made-to-measure boutique in London and gained enough following among the cit's upper crust to be considered a success.

What is it that affluent Londoners love about her designs?

Emilia Wickstead Clothes

The key is in the minimalist aesthetic, a major trend among affluent people worldwide.

It of course helps that Wickstead's clothes are made in lush fabrics and with a lot of care. But what helps more is probably the fact that Kate Middleton was seen wearing Wickstead's designs more than once.

On the other hand, a lot of her designs is perfectly wearable even for the upper middle classes. Her minimalism is not made to make anyone look overdressed.

As IndieYesPls notes, Wickstead designs clothes with a feminine yet minimalistic style that does not have any androgyny at all, which is quite unique.

The materials used for these garments have been carefully selected in order to create an elegant, luxurious look without being too overbearing or distracting.

Emilia Wickstead Clothes

Fashion influencers would probably pin that awful word "timeless" on it, but the truth is that it's just minimalism at its best.

Wickstead's minimalism shows even in the decor of her atelier. The light and airy space with white walls and sofas that are square in shape lends itself to minimalism very easily.

The store feels like it could be every minimalist's favourite boutique because everything about this place screams elegance from its clean lines to the choise of the textiles. Not only does Wickstead have great taste but evident effort has gone into designing every detail.

While Wickstead's minimalism may be feminine, it is not androgynous. She achieves her look by using classic shapes and cuts that have been updated with modern detailing. This makes her designs stunning but also wearable - two key elements of a successful minimalist aesthetic.

What do you think of Wickstead's take on minimalism?

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