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Using AI to Prevent Unconscious Hiring Bias

If there is one thing that we are continually learning and becoming more aware of in our culture it is the need to embrace diversity in the workplace. Almost half of businesses either don’t have any diversity goals or they have failed to meet them but businesses can thrive by taking the actionable steps to change this. Diversity isn’t just about race and gender but also about different backgrounds and experiences. According to business executives 37% of them say that legal compliance is the main reason why companies should support diversity and inclusion initiatives.

One way to create better diversity and prevent recruiting bias is to use artificial intelligence. Human bias impacts recruiting greatly and AI has in the past learned the same bias but there is now a greater push to train AI without the same bias. To do this training must start with collecting unbiased data and removing factors that contribute to bias such as age, gender and names and replacing these factors with things like interests, traits and skills. Unbiased AI can be the starting point for a thriving and diverse workforce find out more from the infographic below:

Embracing Diversity in Hiring
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