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How to Embellish Your Office Customer-Friendly?

Designing your office might sound super easy, but when you start you will realise that there are more things that you need to pay attention to than you anticipated. There are many things that you won't think about such as the ergonomic factor, how it will affect your productivity as well as how your office space will make your customers feel. Once you start thinking about those things you can ensure that your office space will look both professional as well as customer-friendly. It doesn't take much effort to achieve this, so here are a few changes you can make that will transform your space.

Embellish Your Office

Make sure they are created

There is nothing more awkward than walking into someone's office and having no one to greet you there and just having to wander until you find someone. That is the biggest mistake you can make when you have to do business with someone. It will leave your customer feeling very awkward and it will make you look unprofessional. Therefore, always make sure that someone is in the office when you have customers walking in. Make sure that you have a secretary or a worker that will greet them when they enter your space of business. That way they won't feel lost and it will be a more comfortable transaction.

Always have a touch of nature

The best way you can make your office feel more welcoming as well as airier and positive is to incorporate beautiful greenery into your design. Adding a couple of plants will make everything look more comfortable as well as livelier for both you and your customers. That is because having nature in your space will soothe people and make them feel less stressed. As they are known to have relaxing properties is the main reason why you should incorporate them into your office design. The best plants you can incorporate in your office are succulents as well as cacti as they don't require much maintenance yet they are gorgeous. And the biggest plus is that your customers will like seeing an office that is filled with plants.

Do your best to offer all the basic commodities

Nothing is better than giving your customers the best experience possible when they are in your office. That is easily done by creating a space where they will feel comfortable and welcome. The trick is to go the extra mile and have all the basic commodities available from them. That is especially important when you are hosting longer meetings and you know you'll be sitting there for a longer period. The main things that every office should have are fresh water and even coffee. Along with that, you have to ensure that you have comfortable seating. Another thing that you should incorporate into your office designs are TV’s and even incorporate a cute poster frame. That will create a more calming, homie and welcoming space. If you are running something such as an office or something where people might come with children, make sure that there is something to entertain them while adults are doing business.

Always make sure that things are clean and tidy

Even if you don't have clients coming into your office to negotiate, you have to keep your office space neat and clean at all times. We all know that there is nothing more unprofessional than having a messy office that is filled with clutter. That will give off a vibe that you don't care about your work even if that is not the case. Most people just take care of things that people can see, but after some time of stuffing your drawers with junk the clutter will take over space. If you can't keep your office space tidy, hire an assistant that will organise it and keep it clean. After some time if you get used to having a clean space you might be able to keep up with it on your own.

Improve your company branding

This is where a lot of people go wrong as they think that advertising your brand in your office space might not be appealing to customers. But it is the opposite. If you don’t visibly support your products who will? Your customers will be attracted when they see good branding, especially when they are there to do business with you. Having good branding will help you run a more successful business as well as help your customers have more trust in you. Let's say that you use brand lighters, by giving your customer a promotional item to use they will constantly be reminded of your company while they are using it. It will motivate them to come back and do more business with you in the future.

Another thing that you should consider putting up in your office is good old media walls. It is truly the best way to incorporate branding into your office decoration as they stand out. It will enrich your design and it will be a good addition to have when you are doing an important meeting as everyone will be able to see it. It doesn't matter if it's something luxurious or a simple fabric logo, your customers will react well to them.

Have a good colour scheme

Another very important thing that is easily overlooked is the colour scheme in your office. The best colour scheme for your office is your brand colours. You should never go overboard with colours as they can easily overwhelm your customers. Don't use colours that are too aggressive or mix a bunch of them on the same wall as it will look chaotic and overwhelming.

As you can tell, there are many different ways that you can improve your office to make it more customer-friendly. Making it comfortable for everyone is quite simple, all you need is to do is treat your customers how you would like to be treated. Apply some of these ideas and you will create a great, comfortable space where you will be doing business.

Leo King

About the author

Leo King is a 28-year-old freelance English teacher and a passionate part-time writer. He is a novel aficionado and interested in reading and writing articles about home improvement, business, fashion, health, marketing, web designing, technology, and related niches. He lives with his wife and family in Sydney. Here is his Twitter.

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