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Tips for Cold Emails That Could
Land You Your Dream Job

Your dream job may not exist yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get it with the help of one carefully-worded email sent to the right person. Hitting the jobs boards when looking for a new role can help, but with 80% of jobs not advertised publicly, that’s clearly only showing you a fraction of what’s out there.

That’s why you should consider sending cold emails to companies you admire and would love to work for. But there’s more to this than just firing off a quick email if you want to be noticed and make a good impression. Check this complete guide on getting started with cold emails that cover all aspects; from warming up an email account and writing engaging copy to recent statistics and templates shared by industry leaders. have produced some tips to help you write the perfect cold email:

Get it opened

This is the first hurdle and if you fail here, nothing else you do will matter because no-one will read any of it. To begin with, you need to find the right person to contact, so checking through LinkedIn can help you identify that contact and avoid sending an easily-ignored ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ email. Using a short subject line that includes an impressive fact about you will help give you a better chance of getting your mail opened.

Introduce yourself

Once they’ve decided to read your email, you need to avoid losing them with an overlong, indulgent introduction. Hit them with key facts and achievements, plus your LinkedIn profile, and then move onto explaining what you can bring to their business, including suggesting a way that they could improve their service.

Stick the landing

How you end the email is also important. You need to be respectful and show a willingness to be flexible if they decide to meet you, as well as showing genuine gratitude when you say goodbye. Before sending, make sure to read the email out loud to check that it sounds natural.

By following these tips, you will be giving yourself a better chance of wowing potential employers, so why not give it a try?

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