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7 Easy Steps That Will Lead to Your Dream Job

"Do what makes you happy" is a common phrase that you may have heard so many times. As you grow up, you keep fantasizing about so many lucrative job opportunities available across the world. 

However, with time, you understand that no matter how lucrative a job looks, what matters is whether you can make both ends meet. With this in mind, there is only one catch-how do you get to that dream job. Below are seven easy steps that will lead to your dream job.

Steps to Dream Job

Define what you want

Failing to have a clear goal in your mind is the dawn of your downfall in your career life. So before you make that resume, set your goals clearly and precisely so that you won't have to keep on shifting from one type of job to the other. This happens mostly when your dream job is in a field that is a bit stretched, professionally. Reading what is your dream job essays available on will help you avoid confusion and speed up the process of defining what you want. You can also make use of interactive dream quizzes that offers real-world odds of getting the dream job.

Know your value

Having vast experience in the job market is vital for your success, but this should not limit you from exploring the deep-seated interests that you have in your life. Getting your dream job requires looking at the skills and experience you got from the previous jobs. Probably you did these jobs for survival, but that doesn't mean you should neglect them when choosing to land your dream job.

Through experience, you get to boost your professional value as you deal with real-life applications that change the way you view things. Before drafting your job resume, think of a plan or format that showcases your value.

Set the job requirements as your guidelines

Your dream job descriptions should be the reference points for everything you are undertaking to get to your dream job. You get to have a correct mindset that will help you overcome mental barriers to applying for the job through these points. 

Sometimes having particular skills may be negotiable in the job market; to some extent, different companies tend to offer induction training before letting you into their company's activities.

Set your story

It's the dream of the employer to get the best candidate from the piles of resumes available. What gets you to your dream job is how your resume appears professionally. Don't forget that it's a snapshot of your skills and academic qualification or experience. 

When describing what you can do to the company, you need to set a clear narration that answers these questions; Are you a bold career-changer looking to trade up your skills and experience to the new industry? Now that your resume highlights your potential in shallow depths, you need to have a professional cover letter that clearly explains who you are.

Outplay the resume robots

With advancing technology, there is a good chance that the first reader of your resume might not be a human being. This becomes a bit hard for you to get your dream job as you cannot punch above your weight class professionally. 

It's important to understand that these robots are designed to look for specific skills suitable for the company. In this case, the best thing to do is design your resume with keywords that are in handy with job description-education, experience, and skills.


Networking doesn't mean that you have to stay on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram to watch. In your circle of friends, you should aim at walking with people whose experience and professional kinship can help level up from a simple application to a contender. 

Networking also involves volunteering yourself to work in different companies as you showcase your skills and the level of your expertise. Through networking, people will get to know that you are very proficient in a certain field.

Be open-minded

Sometimes sitting down and waiting for the dream job to come automatically won't help, or it won't take you anywhere. Staying idle will make you lose the valuable skills that are needed for the dream job. 

Also, if you have found the dream job but are working in the low sectors, do not just be satisfied with that. Instead, use that opportunity to learn and apply for the other positions available in the company. This will help you climb the ladder of success to your dream job.


Getting to the dream job has never been a bed of roses to many people. This happens due to poor planning of the strategies that should make you get the real job. The above points summarize the major steps that will make you earn your dream job with ease. Keep these points in practice for the sake of your success.

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