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Workplace Survival Skills

This unique hypnosis program from The Hypnosis Network - authored by Dr. John Dyckman - can help you develop the valuable communication skills necessary for reaching your full potential in the workplace. And I have asked Michael Lovitch, founder of The Hypnosis Network, to offer you an unmissable deal - if you really want to boost your career prospects, check out the details further down.

Prevent Office Politics From Ruining Your Career
If you feel isolated at work, that your ideas aren't being listened to, or that you might get laid off at any minute, then you need 'Workplace Survival Skills.' Do you have all the talent in the world, but feel you are being shut down at work? How are you going to get a promotion if you aren't able to get anything done? How are you supposed to be an effective leader when you have no power? You can blame your ineffectiveness on the organization you work for. You can blame your coworkers. Or, you can do something about it.

Learn To Think Strategically
The first thing you need to do in order to survive at work is to recognize that the organization you work for has a complex social structure. And in order to do well within a complex social structure, you have to learn to think strategically about your communication. Thinking strategically will bring you to the logical conclusion that if you are going to be successful at work, you will need to form alliances. Effective alliances give you emotional support, reduce your vulnerability, and provide you with valuable information. Without effective alliances, you are dead in the water.

The next cornerstone to surviving at work is being able to deal with criticism. Effective communicators are able to learn from criticism. If you find yourself in denial when you are criticized at work, then you definitely need this hypnosis program.

What You Will Gain From This Program
After listening to this program on a regular basis for two weeks, you will start to develop the following abilities:

  • Goal driven thinking
  • Learning from criticism
  • Effective alliance building
  • Listening attentively
  • A greater sense of overall awareness

These abilities will help you move beyond just surviving at work. They are the foundation for your success in the future. These abilities will become second nature, and your true talents will emerge within your organization.

How it Works
This program works through hypnotic stories and metaphors. Your subconscious mind will access the valuable inner resources necessary to achieve your goals. Dr. John Dyckman, author of Scapegoating at Work, will guide you through the same hypnosis sessions he has been using for over 20 years with people having communication troubles at work.

More specifically, the method Dr. Dyckman uses is what psychologists call Ericksonian Hypnosis. This method is different from directive hypnosis. When you first listen to the program, you might just think they are a series of stories - but nothing could be further from the truth. Each story is carefully constructed so that your conscious mind is occupied with the surface level of the story. Meanwhile, your subconscious mind is being engaged at a different level. Each time you listen, your subconscious mind will create and allow you access to more resources. You will be surprised how differently you experience these sessions two weeks after you first listen to them.

Why Choose This Program?
First of all, it is highly effective. Dr. Dyckman has helped hundreds of people as an organizational psychologist using these same sessions. They have helped people at every level of the organization, from upper management to administrative assistant. Secondly, you will not find it anywhere else. Dr. Dyckman created this program exclusively for The Hypnosis Network. And finally, whenever you buy any kind of hypnosis program, you need to be very careful about its source. Hypnosis is an unregulated profession, and there are plenty of people out there selling hypnosis products of questionable value. At The Hypnosis Network, every one of their therapists has a doctorate in a health care discipline. All are world-leading experts in their field.

Learn These Valuable Skills Completely Risk Free
The Hypnosis Network offers a full year's money back guarantee because they want you to be certain that ordering from them is completely risk free. If you don't think the results are worth the money you paid, simply ask for a full refund on the purchase price.

The Unmissable Bonus
Michael Lovitch will give you a bonus – the Coping with Stress and Anxiety ebook (retail value $39) by Dr. Randy Gilchrist that gives 30 concrete techniques for staying healthy while living with stress – guaranteed to the first 50 customers of this special package. This fits in well with Dr. Dyckman's program, since being able to use stress as a motivator as opposed to an energy drain is another terrific boost to your work performance. And there's more... Download four mini-sessions created by Dr. Neil Fiore, productivity expert. Learn to Relax and Center, a valuable life skill. The retail value of this product is $29. Right now it's yours free. So that's over $105 worth of transformative life tools, at much less than half the cost!

Workplace Survival Skills - Special Offer

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