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Durable Feather Flags Offered by Lush Banners

Building brand awareness and ensuring excellent visibility are crucial for any business. No matter how fantastic your product or service is, if your target audience remains oblivious of your presence, you won’t accomplish growth. This is where feather flags prove extremely valuable. Lush Banner offers highly durable feather flags to help you achieve skyrocketing growth in the market. In this guide, we’ll take you through different available options for feather flags.

The Best Durable Feather Flags On The Market

When it comes to the best feather flags on the market, Lush Banners has many options that will help your business thrive.

Single-Sided, Left or Right Facing Feather Flags

These feature a single fabric layer on which the graphic is printed with a mirrored image of 50% to 70% color bleed through at the back. Right-facing feather flags are printed on the right side of the pole, while left-facing ones are printed on the left side. Your choice will depend on the direction of the foot traffic or where people are coming from. Note that text won’t be visible from the back.

Double-Sided Feather Flags

Printed to two layers of fabric, double-sided feather flags allow you to print the same or varying designs on the two sides. To ensure zero see-through, the banner contains another silver-grey blockout layer in between the two printed layers. Regardless of where the traffic is coming from or the direction of the wind, your brand message is clearly readable on each side.

Pre-designed Feather Flags

When you’re short of time, customization may not be an option. Lush Banners offers pre-designed feather flags to accommodate businesses in situations like these. These are 10 ft in height and come with a free rotating spike base, a free nylon bag, poles, and a printed flag. Among the most popular themes for pre-designed feather banners include ‘Now Hiring’, Open House,’ ‘Now Open,’ ‘Welcome,’ and more.

Feather Flags for Trade Shows

Custom feather flags are getting increasingly popular at tradeshows and other business events. Lush Banners offers some of the most popular combinations for trade show floors. While the size possibilities are endless, the 13.5 ft, 10 ft, and 8 ft feather flags come with a plastic water base or cross base. Whether your goal is to attract more audiences or facilitate navigation, these versatile feather flags deliver the best value for money.

Feather Flag for Outdoor Advertising

Designed for outdoor use, these feather flags are designed to be versatile, durable, and weather-resistant. As a result, they can be used along highways, sports fields, façades, storefronts, and so on. Plus, you have plenty of base options to choose from, such as a base spike, sleek heavy-duty metal base, multi-functional, premium plastic water base, easy ground stake, and more. 

A Few FAQs About Our Durable Feather Flags

Let’s cover a couple of the most frequently asked questions about our durable feather flags.

How Long Do Feather Banners Last?

Typically our banner poles will last between 3 to 10 years, and the flags themselves can last three years or more, depending on how well you take care of them and their exposure to the sun. Though our durable flags can last for years, we do recommend refreshing your design and banner every year so that you always stand out among your competitors.

Will My Printed Fabric Banner Fabric Fade?

Due to UV exposure, all fabric banner colors will eventually fade, depending on how much exposure they get to the sun and the colors you use on the flag. Specifically, darker colors and rich background colors will fade faster. Colors like black, deep red, and dark blue will likely fade faster than designs with lighter colors. If you’re looking for durable designs, choose white, light blue, and yellow, as these colors won’t lose their vibrancy as quickly.

Will My Design Cover The Entire Flag Or Just A Portion Of It?

All of our flags and banners aim to achieve the “wide-screen” effect, so we’ll print to the very edge. Talk to our designers if you need help with your next design.

Are The Flag Poles Interchangeable Between Different Banner Sizes?

Each of our flag poles is made to support one single-sized banner. A large flag pole is thicker, which means it won’t accommodate a small or medium-sized banner. 

How Do I Take Care Of My Flags?

Though we pride ourselves on providing durable flags, and we are confident that they will last a while, we still think it’s important to make sure you install your banners correctly and handle them carefully. Our feather flags are machine washable but don’t iron them or put them in the dryer. 


In summary, feather flags are a versatile branding solution for any business setting. If you wish to take your brand to the next level, make the most out of the durable feather flags offered by Lush Banners. Take a look at the company’s ‘Feather Banners’ page to explore all the available flag options.

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