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How Drones Work for Building Inspectors

How Drones Work

Building inspection requires a steady hand, a watchful eye and a wealth of experience. It is one of the oldest professions (in some form or another), and several reasons exist for this.

When looking at the impact building inspectors have on all parts of our lives, we need not look further than our history. While the original example I was going to five was the Great Fire of London, Wikipedia kindly directed me to the list of historical fires, which does a bang-up job illustrating the point.

While building inspectors using commercial drone services aren’t the only reason we have seen substantially fewer fires, they are a key element of the solution. Spacing buildings, ensuring proper ventilation, safety protocols, fire-resistant building materials, electrical tools and inspecting commercial and residential buildings are all claims reserved for building inspectors.

Still, as we mentioned before, building inspectors needed help to help protect our safety and improve construction processes. The many trades involved (plumbers, carpenters, roofers, electricians, general contractors) have their claims to fame. Still, the industry we will look at today is a bit more removed from the traditional group of construction professionals.

Indeed, we are talking about commercial drone services. The drone industry itself has seen a massive expansion in recent years. There are drone racing events, bird flight diverter installers, and even delivery services becoming commonplace. Plus, as legislation continues to favour this new mode of travel, recreation and inspection, more possibilities reveal themselves with each passing day.

Today, we look at how drones are advancing and helping people and industries through the realm of inspection activities.

Quicker Inspection Times

The first way commercial drone services are helping is by reducing the necessary time for many different inspections. For instance, consider a building survey. Historically, this process would involve looking over the structure and combining aerial data with what viewers saw on the ground. With drones, however, a simpler approach is possible.

A single drone operator can cover the same area as two or three individuals in significantly less time. This system allows land-use surveys to proceed quicker, which allows faster development and reduces pre-planning for a variety of construction projects.

How Drones Work

Safer Alternatives

It would be easy to discuss this single benefit at length. The opportunity to reduce helicopter exposure hours is a perfect example. Aerial inspections are essential in the forestry, industrial, and surveying industries. Even with the high skill requirements for pilots and riders, helicopters still pose an inherent risk to individuals. A chance that just doesn’t exist with drones.

Although, helicopter riders are not the only people who benefit from the increase in drone applications. Indeed, foot traffic in wilderness areas also benefits from this service by reducing exposure to wildlife. This inspection can also reduce the risk of becoming stranded due to faulty equipment.

Multipurpose Inspections

Many industries require working at heights, and for several different reasons, for instance, building inspectors and insurance adjusters. They must use IR equipment to verify the insulation’s efficiency on the roof structure and check structural integrity. In some cases, this can involve dangerous maneuvers using ladders or working near the structure’s edge.

However, with commercial drone services, a single operator can remain safely on the ground. From there, they can complete both mechanical and infrared inspections in a single operation. Even more examinations are possible in other industries, and the future looks brighter every day.

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