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All You Should Know About Driscoll Model of Reflection

You have to use numerous models if you are pursuing or going to nursing courses. because in Nursing you must have to understand few most important theories like the Gibbs Reflective Cycle, Driscoll Model of Reflection, Clinical Reasoning Cycle, Elton Mayo’s Theory, and many more have vital importance in this field. Among all of them, here we are going to describe the Driscoll Model of Refection, if you are worried about the theory of this personal and communication development tool then stay with us. 

John Driscoll Model of Reflection 

It is a kind of reflection framework that is formulated into a very unique structured process that helps to guide reflection. There are many refection models are available, but it is vital for you to choose the best which is suitable for the conditions. While the only drawback of John Driscoll Model of reflection is that it fails to provide the best deeper reflection. So it is advisable for you that if you are searching for preparing too much extensive or layered refection you should not use this model. This model may not work for you as you expected.

In 1970, Terry Borton developed this reflection model. This model mainly focuses on three vital things which are:

  1. What?
  2. So What?
  3. Now what?

To understand different sort of the basic experiential learning cycle, Driscoll creates and connect all these components together. He also added some trigger questions to be answered to complete the reflection cycle. All of these three phases were developed at different times respectively in 1994, 2000, and 2007. As per our highly skilled and experienced experts, it is one sort of very basic and simple model of reflection.

Driscoll's Model

All you need to do to understand the analyses experiences properly you need to focus on the answer to these three questions successfully. It contains to explain the situations or experiences which is important and required. Explaining is pivotal because it gives you basic and detailed ideas to the reader about the situations. You can easily achieve it by just concentrating on “What”, experience helps you to learn it. It also forces the reader to think deeply about the situation which we considered as the result of reflection.

First step: What?

To fulfill the first step all you need to do is to answer some questions. This also completes the step of reflection.

  • Explain the situation you are going to reflect on
  • What about your experience?
  • What has happened?
  • What is the step you follow in that situation?
  • Who was there?

Second Step: So What?

In this step, you need to answer these questions which are structured reflections.

  • How were you feeling when the situation or incident happened?
  • How you were reacting to the situation?
  • What was your reaction to the situation?
  • Have you the same feeling about the situation or incident that you felt during the situation?
  • Have you felt any internal conflict about your personal values?
  • Who were the people involved in that situation or incident?
  • How the situations impact your experience?

Third Step: Now What?

This step of the Driscoll Model of Reflection contains the following questions:

  • What did you learn from that particular incident or situation?
  • Have you felt negative? Could you felt a negative result?
  • How will you handle the situation or incident if the same situation will occur in the future? What kind of steps you follow or the processes you might do?
  • How you handle this kind of incident or situation better?
  • In what areas you need to focus to properly deal with such a situation?

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