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How to Draw a Bass Guitar Step By Step Easily

Drawing classes used to be the best class while we are at our growing stage around 2nd to 5th grades for many of us. For some, the memories of those drawing classes remained as a story as a reminiscing story. For some, drawing became a part of their profession, and for some, drawing is their profession.

From drawing, let's drift towards the topic of a musical instrument which is a bass guitar. Bass guitar is one of the essential instrument as it necessary for the bassline which almost all musical genres require. Here are some of the acoustic guitar Starter packs.

As the bass is one of the essential instrument, there are many aspiring bass guitar players if you look around. Many of them would like to have a picture of a bass guitar hanging on their wall. So that you can make a drawing of your favourite instrument we are going to tell you How to draw a bass guitar step by step.

How to Draw a Bass Guitar Step By Step Easily

We aim to provide a drawing lesson for those who would love to draw their instrument. If you are beginner bass guitar player and your aspiration for playing bass make you feel like to do something for then, this article may help.

Here were are about to provide you with the idea on how to draw a bass following eight steps. You can draw your guitar and hang it to see it while you practice with it. You can be a beginner bass guitar player or a pro; this drawing will remain that you made by yourself.

So let's see how to draw a bass guitar step by step.

Step- 1

At first, we will carefully draw a slanted right angle triangle. Use a pencil, so that rub it as we are just drawing the structure. You can use the scale, or you do it without scale as we are just scratching the structure.


Draw another smaller triangle facing the opposite direction of the first one. The second triangle must be drawn inside the first triangle. The face of the second triangle should be closer to the joining point of the first triangle. These two triangles will make the body of the bass guitar.


The head of both the triangle will form an M. Draw thin long rectangle between the two triangles, that goes through the middle of the M to make the neck from the body.


Draw a small right angle attached with the top of the neck as a part of your guitar head. On top of the smaller right-angle, draw a circle, and you will see the shape of your guitar head.


To get the curve of your guitar, draw an oval at the bottom around the two big triangles. Draw the oval in such a way so that it crosses the lines of your big triangles and you will get the curvy body shape of your guitar.


To add details, draw four circles for the tuning peg by the right angle for the neck. Draw four circles inside the small triangle for the pegs connector. Also, draw two small rectangles as pickups and bridge. Draw a few circles as knobs and volume controller.


Now you will link the drawing according to the bass guitar. First, do the body then go the head. You can now put the mark of frets and dots for scales. Erase the triangles and all the portions that you sketched for the structure. Now you will see the guitar is there already.


Now, this is the joyful portion of the drawing the colouring part. You can color the guitar it according to your choice and taste. It can be your guitar, your favourite model. It can also be like the instrument of a favourite bass guitar player.

Use the idea of a real bass guitar

If you are a bass guitar player, you probably have ideas about a bass guitar. You probably know-how is the body and the name of each part of a bass guitar. Hence drawing a bass guitar following these eight steps would not be challenging for you. But if you do not have any clue, you can take reference from a detailed real-life picture of a bass guitar then drawing from this guideline will be easy.


Following these eight easy steps, you can quickly draw guitar whether you are a beginner bass guitar player or don't even play bass. But if you are a beginner bass guitar player, you can use this drawing and hang it somewhere because beginner players require a lot of inspiration. Seeing a photo or a picture like this will inspire beginners of their instrument.

Regardless of anything if you make a drawing of your loving instrument yourself, then that will add extra feel to it. And nevertheless even if you are not linked to the bass guitar you can have it as a new thing to draw. You never know when or what inspire you to have a new passion. So as you know how to draw a bass guitar step by step, have a happy drawing. We wish you a stroke of good luck.

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