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The Dos and Don’ts to Preserve a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets have been about for a century. Though they were “designed” in the early 20th century for functional purposes and further stitched for the armed forces in WWII, they were popularized in the 1950s by none other than celebrities looking to simulate that military look. Since then, they’ve become a fashion staple, and it seems that leather jackets are here to remain.

In this article, you will know how to preserve your John Ashford Leather Jacket for a long. The most useful way to confirm that your leather jacket remains flexible, soft, smooth, and clean is to treat it like the valuable item that it is. The first step is to read the manufacturer’s label: there may be some detailed care instructions for the leather, such as how often to waterproof or condition the jacket. There are also some general approaches to keeping your leather jacket in good shape.

Dos To Preserve Your Leather Jacket

Here are some of Do’s, surely help you to remain your jacket as new for much longer

Keep your jacket dry
Sidestep wearing your leather jacket in rainy weather. If it does get wet, make sure that you hang it out to dry instantly before placing it away.

Hang your jacket perfectly
Never strand your jacket folded for a long time, as this can enable creases and gaps in the leather. Rather, hang it on a broad, preferably padded hanger in a well-ventilated closet. Never in the sunlight, as that can quickly injure the jacket. This is specifically important for suede.

Don’t keep your jacket on a wire hanger. It may cause odd Bumps in the shoulders. After you hang it, don’t press it into your closet among dozens of other coats. Give it some room.

Keep your jacket away from heat
Heat will parch out and force your leather to become crispy and smash. Never lay your jackets on or near a radiator or heating vent, and never iron or steam it yourself.

Use a leather conditioner
Leather will always innately lose some of its wetness, but using a reputable leather conditioner on finished leather can prolong its life.

Professional Leather Cleaning
Even if you have been caring for your leather jackets properly, you should still have your leather jacket professionally washed at least once a year or more, relying on how often you wear it. An experienced leather purifier will know exactly what type of cleaning method should use based on the type of leather and color as well as how to remove any stains?

If your leather jacket has gotten a little messy, lost some of its colors, or evolved cracks, a professional leather cleaner can restore its vitality and repair the crevasse so you can keep your leather jacket for years to come.

Check the Pockets
It’s a good idea to check the pockets before keeping your leather jacket. Almost all leather jackets have pockets. Many of them have two pockets on the front, one pocket on each side of the front. Others have four or more pockets. Before storing your leather jacket, take a moment to inspect the pockets to make sure they are empty.

How to place your jacket on Hanger
Always remember, never throw your leather jackets in a cupboard or at that corner chair in the room that bears your dirty outfits. After a busy and very trendy day, always recall hanging your jacket. That way you can steer clear of those creases and tears on your leather outfit.

Secondly, you need to know how to store a leather jacket in a bag or in a suitcase. People mainly just follow a regular routine like any other pair of clothes, which is not good.

Original Leather Construction
In history, people used to make clothes using original leather. But now finding the original leather-made products has become a serious task. All you can see are artificial and identical leather from which the modern jackets are made.

Thus if you’re looking to achieve a real definitive appearance find someone who sells genuine leather. Leatherclue, for example, is considered one of the best leather jacket producing companies. Because of delivering the highest-quality type of leather-made materials, it is highly regarded as one of the best shops to purchase leather, especially leather jackets.

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Don’ts To Preserve Your Leather Jacket

Here are two common don’ts which can surely help you to preserve your leather jackets for much longer

Don't wash at home
Unless you have the knowledge or aren’t worried about compelling irreparable harm to your leather jacket, you should not try to wash it at home. Some cleaning brands may say that you can wash your leather jacket in a washing machine, but any small mistake can cause serious impairment

Don’t Keep in Direct Sunlight
When picking a place to store your leather jacket, make sure it’s not directly exposed to sunlight. Even if you place your leather jacket indoors, it could be directly exposed to sunlight. Storing your leather jacket near a window, for instance, may result in sunlight shimmering through the windows and bashing it.

Leather jackets can generally withstand some sunlight. Lengthy exposure to direct sunlight, though, can cause them to dry out. If your leather jacket is liable to direct sunlight for numerous successive months, it may dry out while thereafter cracking or sustaining other forms of damage. To avoid this from happening, place your jacket in a dark area.


In this article, we have tried our best to inform you about “How to Preserve your Leather Jackets”. Remember, never throw your leather jacket in a bucket full of dirty clothes or never hang it in front of sunlight it may cause on jacket’s color. Never try to wash at home, always look for professionals who will give your jacket a longer life. Never try to dry your jacket directly into heat or never place it in front of vents. Using ordinary detergent can affect on the quality of the jacket’s leather

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