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Why You Shouldn’t Look for a Job at
the ‘Jobs for Students’ Section

Gonna graduate soon and have already started looking for a job? Have no idea what occupation to choose? Well, the best piece of advice is to avoid looking for work in the ‘jobs for students’ section. Here is a simple explanation why.

When you are searching for employment in the ‘jobs for students’ section, the only options you will see are either waitressing or distributing flyers on the street. Unfortunately, this is the most typical representation of student career on recruitment websites. Since you have decided to spend four or five years of your life studying at college, it is logical to search for a job that will help you get valuable experience in the field you are interested in. Try applying for a position in the area you specialize in. Even if you have not acquired a lot of experience, your creative ideas and fresh perspective may be more important to a potential employer than an impressive resume.

In case you are going to major in English or want to be a journalist, applying for one of freelance editing jobs is what you should focus on. It will not take much time as you will be able to work remotely. What is more, you will have plenty of time for studying. Nowadays, a lot of website owners offer tons of editing jobs due to the increasing quantity of content they are willing to post. Thus, they are looking for people who are able to read all these articles, correct mistakes and make certain the whole piece of writing is easy to comprehend for the target audience. What is particularly advantageous for a student is that they can get one of online editing jobs and do the work at home, before or after classes and even while drinking coffee at a cafe. In case you are interested, simply type ‘editing jobs near me’ or ‘remote editing jobs’ into Google search. A lot of results will come up right away.

Are not interested in editing jobs? Would like to work in a different field? Not a problem. No matter what subject you major in or what area you want to apply your knowledge in, there are lots of options to choose from. When you are looking for a job, starting by searching for a junior position or even apply for an internship to a company you want to work at. If you are willing to achieve career success, you should start from the bottom. Do not waste your precious time working in an area you are not interested in. In case you have decided to acquire some work experience, find a job in a field that is related to the subject you major in and kick off your career. As soon as you graduate, you will have both useful knowledge and valuable experience in the field you are interested in.

Being a student does not mean that your only job options are working as a waiter or serving coffee at Starbucks. Even if you have zero experience in the field you are passionate about, try to get a job in this area and you will have an opportunity to acquire a lot of useful knowledge. Applying for an internship is the best option in this respect. What is more, you will be able to see how a company organizes its internal working process, and how different teams communicate when a certain problem has to be solved. Sometimes internships are paid which means that you will manage to earn extra money as well. Furthermore, being an intern is your chance to demonstrate how hard you can work and how many creative ideas you have. In other words, there is a very high chance the company will offer you a job as soon as your internship is over. If not, it will be a unique experience which you can also mention in your resume.

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