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How Not To Kill Your Online Business

By Wendy Dessler

Admittedly, running an online business successfully is a difficult prospect. You have to come up with an idea that will be profitable, you have to establish a reputation and market yourself, you need a website, you need great content, and you have to do it all while avoiding some of the pernicious pitfalls that claim many a business in its infant stages. Chances are, you'll not want to fall into any of these traps yourself, so here are a few tips to follow so that you don't kill your online business before it has a chance to develop.

Don't Mimic Others Too Much
There's a line of thought that you should follow the leader. After all, if they're doing it well, why shouldn't you copy what works for yourself? This is true to a degree, but if you copy too much you won't be innovating, and you won't be able to differentiate your business in any meaningful way. If you're in a field with lots of competition, you have to show why you are superior to the competition to generate business. You can't do that if you're always playing catch-up.

Don't Focus On Things Nobody Cares About
In the quest for trying to find a niche market to capitalize on, you might lead yourself down a path where you're filling a need that no one asked for. Instead of blindly rushing in, do some research before you go all-in on a business idea. Is your vision something people are clamoring for? Does it have the potential to take off since the interest is high? If the answer is "no," move on to a different idea.

Don't Focus On Things That You Don't Care About
A complement to the above idea. You should have passion for your business idea and want it to succeed. You should also have knowledge in the subject area and a desire to create something special. Without these things, your business will die because you won't be able to put your all into getting it off the ground.

Don't Ignore The Importance Of Funding
It will be difficult for your idea to make it off the ground without money. Not only should you think of how you will monetize your idea in advance, but you should also look to alternate sources of funding like Plumfund to help bring in capital to support your business goals. The key here is to have a great pitch to send to your prospective backers and a well-explained spiel about how your business will impact the future.

Don't Have The Wrong Expectations
Some prospective entrepreneurs think they can put in a few hours a week and then they'll be relaxing in Hawaii in a few months once their business idea flourishes. Not saying that can't happen, but it isn't the norm. You should expect a tough road to get your business built, and you should be prepared to put in many years until it grows into something substantial.

Don't Fear Action
If you're spending all of your time planning and thinking about how you can do things instead of actually doing things, you're doing it wrong. Planning is important, but it shouldn't make up the bulk of your time. You'll have to roll up your sleeves and put in the work if you want to see results.

Author Bio
Wendy Dessler is a super-connector with Outreachmama who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition.
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