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How to Design the Perfect Hoarding Board
for Your Business?

Digital marketing is taking the world by storm. With most firms creating a robust online presence, one might think that traditional advertising is the thing of the past. However, the tangible mode of marketing is as lucrative as before. Out of the house advertising is one of the oldest, yet extremely effective advertising techniques to date. Studies indicate that 98% of people see at least one hoarding panel a week. Further, this advertising is beneficial as 71% of the customers often look at messages on billboards, hence indicating effective conversion of leads. These are particularly effective at building and construction sites.

Billboard advertisements cost 80% less than television ads. Hence, you can achieve your goal at a lower budget. However, it is vital to design your hoarding board effectively to make a strong impression on the viewer. You can create a creative and compelling design layout by choosing a strategic location and displaying a bold design.

Tips for you to have a successful hoarding board printing experience:

Have Clear Goals

Setting goals for the hoarding board gives you an actionable plan. Goal setting makes the process clear and also avoids many complications. Be clear about the purpose of the hoarding board- what should it display and who will read it. Understanding the target audience is crucial for effective marketing. Based on the viewer profile, you can design your content and layout.

Fix a Budget

Fix a budget for your hoarding board. You will incur expenses for the location, structure and design. Remember that you would have additional costs such as installation, shipping and travel as well. Setting a budget will give you a framework to work with while you make decisions on the location and design.

Understand your Location

The location of the hoarding board is exceptionally crucial for its effectiveness. Understanding the site of the display is essential while approaching the design of the board. Ensure that you take a site survey to understand what will look good and what will not. Also, make a note of structures in the location to ensure content on the hoarding panel is not obscured in any way. Try to design a board that will fit aesthetically into the existing surroundings. For example, boards placed on a busy road would have to have a bold and straightforward design so that passers-by can read it quickly.

Less Text, More Response

A hoarding panel captures attention, and no one has time to read a long paragraph outdoors. Remember that you have only seconds to convey your message. Use catchy slogans and keywords to and state the benefit of your product or service. This information garners action from the reader, as it will appeal to the readers' needs or interests. For example, in your building site hoarding, specify what makes your service different and what the viewer will gain from a purchase. Studies also show that people are more likely to respond to funny or quirky advertisements.

Be Bold with your Graphics

Graphics have the power to foster the imagination of a viewer. Use your images effectively to share the essence of your product or service with the reader. You could use graphics to display a timeline of your project on your construction site hoarding. This design will help your audience connect to your project better and also provide a lot of clarity about your business.

However, it is essential to be mindful of the color scheme and layout while adding your graphics. Do not overcrowd your 6 sheet poster with too many items. Use one central image or graphic and complement it with a catchy headline and necessary information. Printing Companies offers a range of services, including customisable printing and artwork check to bring your vision alive on the board.

Maintain Brand Consistency

Irrespective of the location and content of the hoarding board, the primary purpose is advertising for your firm. Each of your marketing strategies must be consistent in displaying your brand. You could achieve this through a fixed color palette or bold display of your brand logo. It also helps to maintain the same fundamental layout across all your advertisements such as boards, flyers and social media. A 2017 Lucid Press report identified that consistent design across all places of advertising could increase recognition.

24/7 advertising

While attractive colors and graphics will be visible during the day, you need to come up with a plan for effective display in the night time too. Use lighting to maximise impact in low-light situations. Placing header and kicker LED lights or using light boxes can illuminate your board and garner attention. Another trick is to decorate your logo or add a spotlight over it to create a lasting impression.

Call to action

Always remember that a marketing tool is successful only if it is a call to action (CTA). You could spend a lot of time and money on creating the perfect design, but if you do not add an actionable step for the viewer, the loop will be broken. Your call to action could be asking the reader to visit your website or call the displayed number. Display this information boldly so that it does not get missed. CTAs are very useful as 57% of interactions occur within 48 hours of the customer viewing a foamex hoarding board.

You can use hoarding printing to market any product or service. All it requires is effective planning, investment in design and quality printing. Opt for the best printing service provider to create your dream hoarding panel for a successful business!

Author Bio:

Ravi Patel is the marketing head at VC Print in London, UK. His creative ideas and innovative approach in the printing industry has won him many appreciations. Apart from that, Ravi also has a deep interest in writing informative blogs in the company’s blog section.

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