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Best Data Visualizations to Inspire Marketing Teams

The brain of a normal human being processes visuals in only 13 milliseconds. Researchers say that humans are good at responding to colors, shapes, and any other form of visual cues. However, numbers and text are considered abstract aspects that we have no choice rather than learning what they are talking about. This is why reading data and numbers using tables and charts becomes extremely easy, especially when you want to identify trends and patterns in your data.

This is why it's essential to consider reality when generating marketing reports to address the main areas of concern. There are different tools that you can use to generate marketing reports, although they will all be useless, especially if they hide the existing flow in the underlying research data. When you choose the right data visualization for marketing reports, you will inspire communication and also inspire other detailed inquiries.

When you use the wrong approach to express your marketing data, the target audience will get confused, and your data will likely lack credibility. As a result, all the efforts you have put in place to collect and present data will be all in vain and will affect the success of your marketing strategies. Marketers deal with data daily, and they need proper ways of visualizing it to ensure that it can help them achieve their respective objectives. Using visual components to tell a given story makes it highly accessible and easy to read. If you want everything to be done by reliable professionals, you should look into working with data visualization consulting services.

Applying the Right Data Visualization Method

As a marketer, once you have made up your mind about the kind of story you want to tell, you need to get the most appropriate visualization method that will help you deliver the message. At this point, you should understand that there are different types of data visualization that are used in different scenarios. Before you choose the data visualization method, you need to understand the nature of your data and the kind of story it's expressing.

When you want to give a summary regarding a specific topic of discussion, you need to consider using infographics. In case your goal is to compare, display relationships, and demonstrate change over a particular period, you need to seek the application of charts (line chart, bar chart, Box and Whisker plot gauge chart etc.). Diagrams are mainly applied when you want to link different data concepts, identify the root causes, and visualize the entire process of how things are done. When dealing with data that is geographic in nature, consider using maps when you want to visualize it in a better manner.

When you use the wrong visualization method, you tend to mislead the reader affecting your goals in business. The exciting thing is that there are some of the best visualization hacks that inspire marketers in their daily activities. This blog post sheds light on some of these hacks marketers need to know when dealing with data visualization.

The Impact of Data Visualization on Marketing

In a business environment, the sales and marketing teams are usually connected since they are working towards attaining the same goal. Data visualization aids in improving all the activities that take place between the marketing team and the sales department. Below are some of the visualizations that inspire marketing teams.

Enhances Effective Communication

Data visualization converts complex information into a simple format that anyone can easily read and understand. When this is done effectively, it increases the communication rate between the marketing team and the sales department. When you collect and combine data from different sections at one point, it becomes easier for every individual to access the information and enhance collaboration to attain a common goal in business. It's essential to ensure that every team member understands the business goal to promote teamwork.

You should ensure that your team members do not speculate about anything else within your business. They should have clear information about what is happening within the business and the goal they are working to achieve. Data visualization displays any possible changes within the business, motivating all the team members to work harder and giving them a chance to see the fruits of their sweat. Visualization also saves people time creating reports within different departments within a business.

Improves Goal Management

Data visualization is mainly tailored in a way that its ultimate goal is to track the goals of your business. Things such as gauge charts are used to depict performance against a predetermined target. This is one of the best visualization methodologies you can use to monitor your goals. When you have these features watching over the performance of your business, you get it easier to generate simple strategies that can help you achieve your goals and get better results provided that your strategy has been implemented effectively.

When you place visualization at the core of your business, you will be in a better position to enhance collaboration between the sales team and the marketing department in order to achieve a uniform goal. Lack of data visualization within a business makes data monitoring a difficult task that many people fail once they choose to use the manual method. Visualization offers in-depth knowledge that showcases direction and coordinates all the sales and marketing activities within an organization.

Data Extrapolation

Data visualization has incredible extrapolation capabilities that are essential when you want to present data on regular occasions. This gives the sales and marketing team in-depth data insights that are essential in enhancing the success of their efforts. Data extrapolation mainly helps a business if they want to monitor and track the progress of email marketing. They use this methodology to extract information from routine data generated from email marketing activities. Also, it gives more detailed insights such as the send-to-click ratio, and send-to-open ratio, among other essential aspects.

The marketing department can also use this hack to track other marketing initiatives against sales initiatives. They can also use it to conduct split testing by tracking different activities to find out the most effective marketing strategy they can use to conduct their daily marketing activities.

Promotes Data Integration

Since marketing teams use different tools and strategies to collect data and facilitate their daily operations, data visualization tools offer an expansive room for synthesis. Remember that the tools used in the marketing department are not the same as those used in the sales department.

This is why data visualization focuses on giving a common platform for both the sales and marketing teams to access data and use it in their daily activities without implementing different tools. Note that when the business data is not processed on a uniform platform, it becomes challenging to measure results.

When you visualize all the data generated by different teams, you will be capable of uncovering patterns and trends depending on the sales and marketing activities that take place within the business. When using data visualization, you can easily combine the data generated from different departments within the business and make conclusions depending on the nature of activities and the progress within the business.


Since 50% of the human brain is visually active, you must be keen on how you display your marketing data. Data visualization offers the simplest approach to displaying your marketing data, making it easier for interpretation and ensuring that all the team members can benefit from the information. Also, when you display data a d allow all your team members to understand the milestones you have achieved, it becomes easier for them to capitalize on the available opportunities and make a tangible impact on the business's success. Ensure that you understand how to play around with your marketing data using data visualization to inspire your marketing team.

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