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Eric Dalius Explains How to Retain Your Business Customers for Many Years

All businesses want to retain their customers forever. Then, it is not that simple as it sounds. It takes a lot of marketing efforts and hard work to keep your buyers happy. In this age of global competition, Eric Dalius cites that you need to exceed customer expectations and not just meet them to survive. That is the reason why many companies are resorting to innovative ways to keep buyers happy in the form of deals, freebies, combo offers, happy hours, and things like that.

You need to have loyal customers. Based on the findings of the Center of Retail Management at Northwestern University, 15 percent of any firm’s loyal buyers contribute to 55 percent to 70 percent of the total sales of a business. Here are some of the ways to help you retain your customers for years:

Eric J Dalius thinks eliminating issues in the checkout process

The checkout process is essential for your business because slow checkout or long queues are major customer concerns. To improve the checkout system, make certain you have enough staff in your store during peak hours to manage huge crowds so that shoppers can pay fast, and leave the store.

Again, ensure that all your cashiers are working efficiently and have a friendly attitude while billing the customers’ products. The aim is to let the buyers move through the queue fast. Your cashiers should thank the shoppers with a smile. EJ Dalius knows about consumer behavior and keeping them happy and delighted.

Keep your store spick and span

If you have a retail store, you need to keep it clean and shelves organized. An overturned store puts off shoppers. Garment racks disorganized or products not labeled according to categories will make shopping difficult for your customers. If they have hassles buying things from your store, they will not be your repeat customers.

Make sure your store, floors, and shelves are spotlessly clean. Straighten all racks during the time you are closing the store so that they are in order the next morning. Make sure your staff has a dedicated place to take their lunch and they do not use the racks or workstations for keeping lunch boxes or eating. If you have an office, the same rules apply.

When you are in the food and beverage sector, it is extremely important to display the sanitary inspection report clearly for your customers to see. It will make your customers dine at your restaurant or café.

Make your customers happy with rewards

Make your customers happy with discounted products, loyalty points, and freebies. Loyalty programs go a long way in making customers come back to your business repeatedly. You can turn your customers to brand ambassadors through loyalty points and make them purchase in bulk. Reports indicate that 73 percent of customers recommend a business that offers great loyalty points.


When you take these above steps, customers will become loyal to your brand instead of being a one-time shopper. Focus on the right retention strategies for enhanced sales and profits.

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