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How Custom Archive Boxes
Add Value for Your Retail Business

Custom Archive Boxes


These boxes are at your service for your retail business with the liberty of opting different sizes and shapes, dimensions depending on the products and your business requirements. The custom archive boxes can be adjusted allowing to your required alterations. Your company’s logo, brand name, slogan and company’s information can be printed. The color combination can also be chosen for these printed archive boxes according to your trade mark colors to support brand imaging. Die cut may be introduced for more variation and innovation.

A complete packaging solution

These boxes are in great demand all over the world due to their unique usability. The boxes with lid are used for storing important documents, snaps, fabric, and domestic items. They are equally appropriate for use in offices, shops, homes and other places. The custom archive boxes are made up of superior quality cardboard material that exaggerates the setting and beauty of the place where it is placed. While for shipping, they are unfolded in flat shape that can be banded very easily. The purpose of transforming into flat shape is particularly customized to protect them from external harm. You can also give them a classy touch with the use of charming color scheme. Also get cutouts in the handle part of these boxes that are simply noticeable when they are placed flat. You can get printed your brand name, logo, company’s information and visuals on the lid or on the sides of boxes. These custom printed archive boxes will advertise your business while shipping and delivery.

Sturdiness & protection

This custom packaging is a worthy and outstanding for weighty items. The strength and robustness of boxes depends upon the fine quality of resources and material being used in the production of boxes. These boxes are generally produced out of corrugated cardboard material. The cardboard material is considered the most reliable and strong material to provide strength and sturdiness to the boxes. These cardboard boxes are special in providing resistance and strength against humidity and dampness due to its external layer that also safeguards the boxes from rupture and abrasion. They keep the product safe and secure during shipping against any mishap like raining, storm or adverse weather conditions or mishandling.

A wide range of designs

There are numerous varying designs and sizes in different colors according to the business requirements. These custom archive boxes add worth and value to the businesses. Among these different designs, one is a large gift box with lid that can be produced for special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, and other special events. Other one is archive boxes with braces. They are strong with joined corners, locked closure, dual-wall structure, with a crusty graphic design. Similarly, budget storage box can hold files and magazine. While business storage box is a weighty, dual wall with corrugated structure, can hold business record. Another design business easy set-up storage box is a heavy-duty with double layer wall end panel for extra sturdiness. Mega-store box is extra-large in size, sturdy, unbending design perfect for storing and transporting large quantities of records, files papers. All these business storage boxes are well structured with raise up lid, lid clasp and essential carrying handles.

Compelling styles

There are various immaculate styles these boxes can be produced that will prove to be valuable for the retail business. Here you can have look at s few of them;

a. Clamshell archive storage box

This style of boxes presents an engaging arrangement of safety, reasonably priced, and charming look. They give sufficient place to keep a number of flat documents. They are totally acid resistant and protective against light and dust for longer period storage.

b. Short top archive box

This short top box is perfect for keeping the e solution for more large keepsakes and other collectibles. It is like a shoebox providing both depth and capacity. It is produced out of acid and lignin resistant cardboard with its fit-in closure top to save from contaminants.

c. Photo albums storage box

This box is available in different charming colors and in appropriate size for keeping various picture and snaps. They are also acid resistant but comparatively less strong.

d. Eternity archive clamshell box

It is comfy and elegant in look made of a durable board in black colour with matte black finishing. They are also acid-free and can be transported easily even they are laden with heftier items.


The material used to produce these boxes is all-out recyclable and environmental friendly. We can conclude that these exuberant, customizable archive boxes are valuable for retail businesses due to their sturdiness, acid resistance and impeccable designs and styles. These mesmerizing boxes are a great source of marketing and advertisement during shipping and delivery to create brand imaging.

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