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How Creativity Impacts Internal
Business Communication

By Sarah Jessica Smith

Communication, creativity, and innovation are the three pillars of successful business. In the sea of companies, your business has to stand out if you want to gain profit. For this reason, most employers invest in these building blocks to produce and offer authentic products and services. However, creativity and innovation are actually all about communication. Communicating creative and innovative ideas is what propels businesses and makes them prosper. Here is how creativity affects internal business communication.

creativity at work

Creating Effective Messages

In the workplace, employees have to collaborate and communicate effectively. Some companies, especially big corporations, use the intranet for internal communication. It is a simple and successful way of boosting employee engagement, collaboration, and communication. Employees can chat among themselves, and send messages to managers and receive some in turn. They can use their creativity to produce effective and interesting messages that will stick in their minds. Employees forget regular, more often than not, boring messages, within minutes of having read them. Since we are talking about business here, those messages usually contain relevant information. It is better to have employees and managers remember them instead of mechanically reading them and forgetting. Also, sending creative messages seems like a great opportunity for a unique and personalized employee experience.

Enhancing Engagement

One of the challenges managers face has to do with employee engagement. Not all employees equally participate in workplace activities. However, having all employees engaged at work is highly possible. Thanks to creativity, employees can communicate effectively and take part in discussions and meetings. Managers can assign problem-solving tasks to their employees and make them brainstorm their way to the solution. Allowing them to be creative when it comes to completing tasks and assignments is another good idea. Pairing or teaming up employees with different skills to work on a project can also spur creativity. Meanwhile, the creative side of employees won’t come to light if the corporate culture doesn’t encourage creativity. Making sure employees can freely express their ideas and opinions without being ridiculed will unlock their creative potential. It will work magic on their self-confidence and morale.

Showing Value to Employees

Employees are the core of every business. If they aren’t performing well, it poorly reflects on the business. There are many things managers can do to show how much they value their employees. One of them is allowing and encouraging creative thinking. Instead of blindly following established practices, every now and then, managers should let creativity step in. Letting employees think outside the box and solve problems differently allows them to hone their skills. During brainstorming sessions and discussions, employees feel their voice is heard and their effort appreciated. They have the wind at their back and feel like a part of the team.

Strengthens Team Spirit

Given all technological advances, it seems impossible to create and innovate all on your own. Besides, innovators sometimes get stuck and they need an outside observer to add the missing piece of the puzzle. That is why the workplace is a great place for innovation and creativity. As business world relies on innovation to succeed, employees can contribute with their creative ideas. For this reason, all employees can work together, create, and develop. Large corporations have innovation and test centers as a part of their facilities. Such high-end infrastructure allows employees to work as a team, think outside the box, and develop top-notch products. However, ideas fall flat if they aren’t properly communicated and shared. Additionally, working as a team means someone can always step in with and offer fresh insight and new perspective. Situations such as these, strengthen team spirit and unity.

creativity at work

Promotes Diversity and Inclusion

Recognizing the importance of fresh ideas, most organizations encourage and welcome inclusion and diversity. Innovative ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, at any time. This practice has opened doors for everyone as long as they are creative. Such practices demand respectful, positive, and clear internal communication. Employees have to consistently communicate among themselves, share knowledge, information, and ideas. Diverse teams and teaming up are great conditions for stimulating creativity. By communicating respectfully, all ideas can be brought to life. Still, some operational processes have to take place. Managing employees and keeping all departments and teams on the same page is crucial. Also, enforcing employee creativity and innovation should become a part of company’s culture. Work environment promoting inclusion, diversity, and innovation is a more attractive and healthy workplace. It can also help attract new employees and retain the ones already working in the company.

On the whole, successful business is based on communication, innovation, and creativity. These three aspects are mutually connected. Creativity influences internal communication in many ways. Strengthening team spirit and promoting inclusion and diversity are just some of the benefits of implementing creativity in the internal communications strategy.

Sarah Jessica Smith About the Author:
Sarah Jessica Smith is a young blogger from Sydney. She is in love with life and all the things that can make her daily routine easier. She loves to write about business, marketing, productivity and workspace décor.
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