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5 Creative Ways to Market Your Business
During Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in drastic lifestyle and work changes for everyone. Working from home and getting food delivered is becoming the new norm in our society.

As our culture changes to meet the needs of the pandemic, it is important that your business alters with it. Expanding your business during Covid-19 is a new challenge, which involves thinking creatively to discover unique and personalized methods for marketing.

Here are 5 creative ways to market your business during Covid-19:

1. Reassure Your Customers

During these stressful and uncertain times, it is important to stay connected with your customers. Demonstrate to your clients that you are a business who cares by discovering creative ways to reach out and reassure them.

Be informative in all your customer communications to guarantee they are aware of the precautions your business is taking to promote health and safety as well as your sensitivity to the situation. Utilize email lists and banners on your website to spread your message.

Your customers will appreciate your proactive efforts to educate them about the pandemic. Show your clients that you are close to them while still practicing social distancing by reassuring your customers and keeping them informed.

2. Offer Special Services or Discounts

Safety and money are two major concerns of most people right now. Whether they are worried about spreading the virus or losing their job, it is extremely difficult for people to participate in normal activities or buy food. Ask yourself what your business can do to help people during this difficult time.

Special services and discounts your company could offer during Covid-19 include:

  • Advanced cleaning and sanitizing procedures
  • A variety of delivery options, including contactless
  • Enhanced discounts on the items people need

Consider people’s fears and struggles to determine how your business can assist. Customers will appreciate how your business steps up to serve them and the community. Keep your business in a good light during the pandemic to increase the quality of your brand and encourage people to work with you.

3. Get Creative With Your Brand Promotions

A creative method for marketing your business during Covid-19 is to capitalize on unique promotional opportunities. Consider where the placement of your brand could help boost your business’s awareness and demonstrate that you care.

Hand sanitizer and face masks have become incredibly popular items over the past few months. Print your brand on high-demand promotional items and distribute them to customers. If someone shares your hand sanitizer with a friend, your brand is automatically exposed to more people.

Get creative during the pandemic and discover methods for getting your brand and business in front of potential clients.

4. Be Present on Social Media

Because more people are staying at home throughout the day, social media usage has increased. Without a lot of activities to do, people find themselves scrolling through their news feeds on a regular basis. Consider how your business can take advantage of this new trend.

Establish a strong social media presence on a variety of platforms. Post regularly about your business, specifically topics related to Covid-19. Make sure to participate in the comments section as well as like and share posts. Follow your customers or other businesses in your niche. Reach out through direct messaging to build stronger relationships.

Everyone is using social media right now, so it is important for your business to actively contribute to the conversation.

5. Create an Interactive Platform

Finding alternatives for live events and conferences your business had intended to participate in is essential for keeping your customers engaged. Businesses have been discovering unique methods for continuing their events by creating videos or hosting through Facebook Live.

Research the different interactive platforms available to decide what method will enhance your company’s next event. Remember that your customers need to feel like active participants otherwise they will lose interest in your event and business.

Covid-19 has resulted in businesses needing to drastically change and advance their creative marketing strategies. Face-to-face methods are no longer attainable, which means marketers need to discover opportunities to create a customer connection while maintaining social distancing.

Take time to get creative and market your business, so it can remain successful and profitable during Covid-19.

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