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7 Creative Presents for Employees in 2021

The festival of light is one of the most famous festivals in the world. It is not surprising that people give each other different types of gifts a sign of good faith. Many people across the globe celebrate this significant event. The exchange of gifts happens between friends, family, and even work colleagues. As such, it is necessary to know which gift best suits each person with whom you intend to share the blessing.

But what are the best gifts to give to people that you work with? Is there any special gift that your boss and colleagues at work will appreciate if you get them? Below are unique suggestions of creative gifts that those around you will love.

Creative Presents

1. Assorted Dry Fruits

Even if you are seeking to find festive corporate gifts, make sure to think outside the box. Most people will certainly not think about getting assorted fruits for their colleagues because this is not a first gift idea. Be the different one and think outside the box.

Gift your friends and acquaintances in the office something that they will not anticipate, like a pack of dried nuts. They will enjoy taking these nuts at the break with a bowl of cereals and yogurt. You can be sure that those receiving such a pack will be glad and happy for the thoughtful gift.

2. Holiday Time

This one goes to executives and management teams. You may not have enough resources to give a special gift to each employee with their family. However, you can decide to give an extra two days free so that employees can enjoy spending more time with their families. Most of the workers will appreciate such a gift more than they would handouts.

Sometimes, due to tight schedules, workers cannot spend as much time with family as they would want. Allowing them a few days off work is, therefore, a welcomed idea at any time. You can make it a surprise and circulate the memo on the last day of their break.

3. Edibles Sweet Baskets

Creative Presents

Consider having a basket with a collection of edibles. Such an assortment of sweet treats will cater to the varied needs of anyone receiving the gift basket. Some people enjoy eating cookies more than they would candy or chocolate. Since it may not be easy to know what each person likes, make sure the basket of treats contains several edibles for them to choose from. You can bake cookies, cupcakes, and even biscuits as part of the bakes to include. You can also add an assortment of candy and sweets.

4. Electronics and Other Accessories

You can make an effort to gift those in your office an electronic accessory. Investigate in advance and know what each person you want to send a gift to likes. One person may wish for a headphone set, while another may be in dire need of a multi-charger or power bank.

If you can afford to get everyone in your department something unique, you must investigate early enough to make a mistake. After all, these accessories are not cheap. You want the recipient of your gift to be elated because of how timely and functional your gift is.

5. DIY Pieces

Creative Presents

Remember that this is the festival of light, which means that people want bright things. You can craft a few pieces that match each person’s personality. The fact that you have worked with them for a few years makes it easy to know what would be perfect for each person. Besides that, they will love the personal touch that goes into each gift you make.

Choose colorful pieces for the season. Make it to be as bright as possible. In case you cannot create DIY pieces, consider getting potted plants for your workmates. It is a thoughtful gift idea that can work for their office desks and home spaces. Colorful flowers will always brighten a room when picked carefully.

6. Gift Cards

It may not always be possible to get personalized gifts that one has created themselves. Most workers have busy schedules that hardly have enough time to rest, let alone make crafts to give others gifts. For such cases, gift cards will be perfect.

Rather than bringing nothing, visit the nearest shopping mart to find out which cards they have. Most of the cards will have beautiful seasonal messages that match your needs. Go for cards that are decorated beautifully. It would help if you also considered the statements in these gift cards before picking one.

7. Home Decor and Kitchen Appliances

Most people will appreciate a functional gift any time. Think of the perfect home décor based on the color preferences of those you want to gift. This may mean that you should be observant for a few weeks before the d-day.

Find ways of knowing what your workmates like before getting it for them. When scouting for kitchen appliances, go for items that are going to serve people longer. Such a gift will leave a lasting impact and light up the person’s life every time they use it. The point is to choose an item that will make the recipient happy every time they see it.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a gift should not be a complicated process. The important thing is to understand each person’s taste and preference first. Take time to select the perfect gift for those around you.

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