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Corporate Learning: A New Era

In today's dynamic corporate landscape, learning and development (L&D) emerge as pivotal conduits for aligning employee capabilities with business objectives. Each year, millions commit to diverse L&D programs, with COVID-19 amplifying this commitment, witnessed through heightened investment across organizations of varying scales. However, a striking gap exists; a meager 8% of learning and development teams calculate their return on investment (ROI), leaving a colossal 92% void of success metrics.

Calculating the true ROI in L&D extends beyond the simplistic formula, encapsulating time, effort, and financial implications. Alarming data reveals that 55-177 hours of work go into generating just 20 minutes of corporate learning, with additional tertiary costs like transportation, venue expenses, and equipment adding to the overall expenditure. Moreover, disappointment lurks, with a vast majority of employees expressing dissatisfaction with their outcomes, contributing to the harsh reality that only 10% of traditional learning and development expenditure delivers tangible results.

However, a transformative narrative is possible. The right tool, a blend of purpose, accessibility, and science-backed content, can steer the course. Arist, a science-backed microlearning platform, presents a promising solution, with modern key performance indicators (KPIs) and considerable savings in time, cost, and energy, bolstering return on investment, and revenue thereby redefining the financial blueprint of corporate learning.

Corporate Learning: A New Era

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