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Creative Visualization

By Adrian Cooper

Creative visualization is the process of creating and "seeing" images in your mind using the powers of imagination that we all have as a natural ability of Spirit. By making these images as realistic as possible within the mind, and by adding Energy to those images by means of concentration, emotion and focus, the image will first of all influence inner Energy levels comparative to the physical world, before eventually manifesting into your life as an observable, experiential reality in accordance with Universal Laws including the laws of Attraction, Correspondence, and Cause and Effect, which of course are all closely related.

This experiential manifestation is in the form of Energy that corresponds exactly with the object of your visualization, the Energy of which vibrates in harmony with it thereby attracting it into your conscious awareness. Your outer, physical reality is therefore always manifested first from within. This is not only the basis of all manifestation within the physical world and individual Consciousness, but is also the basis of healing. All diseases of the physical body originate within the inner bodies before eventually manifesting within the physical body resulting in a physical disorder. Of course modern medicine seeks to "fix" the problem within the physical body itself, not realizing that the Energy giving rise to the disorder of the body still exists as strongly as ever within the inner Energy levels of the Soul and Spirit.

Within the inner worlds relative to the physical Universe, as each and every person will soon discover upon their next transition to the Astral worlds after the process erroneously known as "death", powers of the imagination with focussed concentration, will and intent results in the instant creation of the object of the imagination out of the Energy of the Astral Ether. The creation thus manifested is still pure Energy but is "shaped" by the mind of the person who created it.

In order to manifest this inner Energy into your present physical reality it is first of all necessary to bring yourself into vibrational harmony with it. Creative visualization achieves this by allowing you to experience the object of your visualization by means of the powers of your imagination, and the more you can experience utilizing all of the senses, the more you integrate the object of your visualization into your conscious awareness, and the more it becomes your experiential reality.

Unlike the immediate, observable manifestations of visualization in the Astral and inner worlds, within the material world the process will seem to be slower due to the relative higher density of matter as compared to the much finer density of the Astral and inner worlds, and the much lower vibrations of the Energy involved at the level of the physical world. The more Energy, emotion, intent and concentration focussed and conveyed into the visualization and the more solid and realistically it is visualised utilizing all of the senses, the more solid and resilient the object of visualization will in turn become within the fabric of the Energy levels of the inner worlds, and the more you will experience and become in harmony with it, thereby enabling the object of your visualization to manifest into your physical reality.

In order to manifest the object of the visualization as a reality into the physical world, the Energy of the inner worlds need to influence the physical world in the direction of the desired result. Again, the Universal Law of Correspondence is a major factor in this process, "as above, so below", as is the Law of Attraction, although these are of course closely related aspects of the law of cause and effect. Universal harmony will not allow any imbalance between the Energy of the inner worlds and the corresponding Energy of the physical world, or indeed anywhere at all within the multi-dimensional continuum of the Universe. Therefore once an image is manifested in the inner worlds by means of the imagination, creative visualization, and the Energy exists in a form that has then to be balanced in accordance with The Laws of Correspondence and Attraction, the creation then has to manifest into the physical world in order to maintain Universal balance in accordance with these Laws. Again, the interplay of the Law of Correspondence as well as the closely related Laws of Attraction and Cause and Effect are all very prevalent in the process of manifestation.

As previously discussed, creative visualization is also very important in the attracting of the object of your desires by experientially bringing yourself into harmony with it. The more you visualize and thereby become fully involved with your wishes, the more your vibrations will be in harmony with your wishes, until soon your own Energy will vibrate in harmony with the object of your visualization thus allowing it to harmoniously manifest into your own personal reality as an exact vibrational Energy alignment.

Another major factor in the success of manifestation into the physical world is due to the influence of the Energy planes of the group human mind. As we already know, all human minds are connected at a level of Energy and Consciousness at which levels human minds can subconsciously influence each other upon the Energy and Consciousness levels of the Mental planes of the collective group human mind. When a desire of a certain type is created within the inner worlds by the use of creative visualization and other powers of the imagination, for example the desire to receive a pay increase, the Universe might seek to bring about the necessary balance by influencing the mind of the person responsible for awarding the pay rise in the desired direction. This is just another way in which Energy seeks balance through physical channels by virtue of Universal Consciousness, mind and Spirit through which we are all inseparable as Universal expressions of The Source Energy, The First Cause, of God.

During the creative visualization process required to bring the desired result into manifestation, you might for example have created an image in your mind of a higher amount of money written upon your usual monthly pay cheque, while at the same time deeply feeling and experiencing the emotions associated with receiving more money to spend on your desires as well as the gratitude for having received that money; that Energy can then manifest into the Energy of your physical reality as the desired increase in pay. You need not and should not seek a reason for your increase in pay. Once the Energy of your pay increase is vibrating in harmony with your ability to receive it, then by virtue of Universal laws it must manifest by the most direct means, means that are very often completely unpredictable.

Another way in which desires can be manifested by means of creative visualization is by way of probability. Before any particular event occurs within the space-time continuum of the physical world there are an infinite number of corresponding probabilities pertaining to that particular event in the inner worlds beyond the confines of space and time where there is only the Eternal Now. Not only does everything exist, past, present and future relative to Earth time already within the Eternal Now, but there are also an infinite number of variations and therefore probabilities relating to it. In quantum physics these are known as quantum probabilities. For example in the case of your pay increase there are potentially an infinite number of possibilities as to whether the pay rise will manifest, not manifest, or even partially manifest. By harmonizing Energy by means of creative visualization, imagining beyond any doubt whatsoever that your pay increase has already completely manifested into your experiential reality, thereby coming in complete harmony with it, the probability of receiving that pay rise is positively influenced in the direction of it actually becoming an observable reality. This process is all about the influence and balancing of Universal Energy by the mind.

Creative visualization works at both conscious and subconscious levels of the human mind. Everyone is constantly creating by means of the thoughts and images passing through their minds. However, as most people have no conscious awareness at all of this process, most such thoughts and images are usually totally random, driven almost entirely in response to minute by minute, hour by hour, day to day physical events in a totally uncoordinated manner.

As previously noted, people can and frequently do become trapped in a vortex of negative Energy. By dwelling on negative events and situations, thinking about them constantly, imagining all sorts of negative scenarios, in other words "thinking the worst", the corresponding Energy will be influenced and attracted and accordingly "the worst" will sooner or later manifest as a reality into the lives of these negative thinking people. Such a situation can then very easily spiral out of control. For this reason everyone should be fully aware of their own thought processes at all times, instantly rejecting all negative thoughts and images and retaining only those positive thoughts and images consistent with the desired direction in life. Should a negative thought or image intrude then it should either be rejected or transmuted to the opposite positive thought or image. Understanding and aligning with Universal laws and Energy and applying them exclusively for the most positive purposes as a natural way of living, just as every human was created to do by God, is indeed Magic in its highest and truest form.

God, The One, The All is the Supreme Creator, The Source, The First Cause within the Macrocosm of the Universe, whereas human beings being made in the true image of God, and integral aspects of God are co-creators in the microcosm, the individual aspect of the Universe. Every human being without exception is therefore an integral aspect of the great creative process of the Universe, and it is accordingly incumbent on everyone to use these powers consciously, wisely, and only for the greater good of personal and Universal evolution.

There is nothing at all wrong with desiring to bring good things into your life and to live comfortably with all genuine needs fulfilled. The Universe is infinitely abundant and there is always enough for everyone. One of the greatest problems on Earth at this time however, is that due to the gross materialistic attitudes and ego of many people, together with a total lack of understanding of the way in which the Universe works and of the true purpose and destiny of mankind, there is a considerable imbalance between those who have much more than they could ever really need to live very comfortably, and those who have insufficient for even the most basic existence, a situation that has been caused by forcing everything in a physical direction by physical means and against the creative flow of the Universe. Instead of being open channels of expression and creation, much of mankind has created an alternative physical reality based upon perceptions and idea in turn based upon materialism and the ego. Only when mankind fully understands the immutable operation of Universal laws and lives accordingly will these imbalances be balanced, and every human being in every part of the world can live in peace, harmony and plenty thereby fulfilling the ultimate "Kingdom of Heaven on Earth", an Earth that is finally vibrating in harmony with the Universe.

Creative visualization can attract genuine needs from the Universe of abundance, therefore facilitating the process of balance. In utilizing your own powers of creative visualization and imagination you should never be tempted to become trapped within the spiral of materialism or of the demands of the ego by endeavoring to manifest more than the genuine needs of yourself, your family and others in genuine need. It is incumbent on everyone therefore in utilizing these God given Universal powers of the mind to fully understand their own individual destiny and that of all mankind, thus ensuring these abilities are always used wisely for genuine personal needs and for the greater good of the Universe, and never merely to satisfy greed, the ego, or for the accumulation of material things for the sake of it.

As we know, the entire Universe and everything and everyone within it, is an infinitely large Energy field comprised of vibration. Thoughts and imagination are also therefore pure Energy, which when directed effectively influences the corresponding Energy in the Universe in the same direction by coming into harmony with it, Energy that has to be balanced in accordance with immutable Universal laws. The more power and focus placed behind this Energy by means of concentration, visualization, emotions, intent, and will, the more profound and rapid will be the effect be on the corresponding Energy you wish to influence in your direction in order to potentially manifest your desires into physical reality.

For these reasons alone it must be stressed once again the absolute importance of exercising total mindfulness and control over all thoughts and images at all times, and in particular avoiding negative and limited thinking. In this way you can maintain full, conscious control at all times, manifesting only those positive things into your life and the lives of your loved ones. These powerful abilities are within every single human being as creators in the microcosm, each of us being an immortal Spirit, made in the "true image of God", The Supreme, Divine Creator of the Universe in all its planes of glory, the Macrocosm.

Creative visualization can be applied to potentially manifest anything at all at any Energy level over which mind has an influence. It should be realized however that the larger the desire the longer it might take to manifest it into physical reality. It might not even be possible to manifest some desires in an acceptable time scale due to the sheer number of other people projecting the same Energy into exactly the same desire. A very good example of this situation is winning the lottery. When millions of people purchase a lottery ticket each week, each and every one of them is projecting exactly the same desire, in other words vibrating the same Energy of intent to win the jackpot. The sheer individual Energy required to overcome these collective Energy of so many people all focussing on and vibrating exactly the same desire would be extremely difficult to produce and project, and are in any case would be beyond the powers of the mind of most Earthly people at this stage in their evolution.

It makes much more sense therefore with the results being potentially much more rapid to focus on desires within your own sphere of personal availability, thereby involving as few people as possible. To use the previous example of obtaining a pay increase; in this case only two people are directly involved, yourself and your manager, and therefore your Energy can be much more highly focussed and will accordingly be that much more effective. Manifesting large, tangible physical items, for example a home or a car usually takes more time effort due to the number of situations and probabilities needing to be influenced first. All manifestations into the physical world require a physical channel through which the Universe can realize that desire.

There are literally an infinite number of ways by which a desire can manifest into your physical reality, most if not all of which are not immediately obvious. As previously noted, the Universe is infinitely abundant and your task is to direct your Energy by means of your God given powers of the mind, and to vibrate in complete harmony with the Energy of your desires, thereby allowing the Universe to manifest your desires though physical channels in its own natural way, and in accordance with immutable Universal laws.

For larger manifestation projects it can be much more effective and more rapid in the long run to manifest a desire in stages. For example you might wish to manifest a successful computer business for yourself where you are your own boss. Taking this example, you might first manifest the new PC required to learn the necessary skills. Next you might manifest a series of training courses in business management followed by further courses in advanced computer skills. Having successfully achieved this you might then manifest an office from which to launch your new computer business and then start to manifest customers for your business. Once you have many customers and your business is a great success, a fact that in your mind you should not ever have the slightest doubt, you then might then wish to manifest larger offices and some employees if appropriate. Finally, if you wish, you can manifest a thriving computer business with many employees, a business that is very highly thought of by your customers, and is providing yourself and your family with all of your genuine needs. This is a fairly basic example of manifestation but nevertheless serves to illustrate a sequential process of manifestation towards achieving an ultimate desire. Of course, it is also possible to use the creative visualization process to manifest your successful computer business without any interim stages at all, allowing the Universe to manage the "details". You would likely eventually succeed in manifesting this desire, however due to the number of people, factors and possibilities involved, the process might take more concentrated Energy and focus during your creative visualization sessions, as well as more time to bring yourself into vibrational harmony with your desires, and therefore in turn take longer to manifest.

The closely related Laws of Attraction, Correspondence and Cause and Effect are all involved in the process of manifestation by means of creative visualization. These laws are all very much related but with subtle differences. The Law of Attraction is such that whatever you constantly hold in your mind creates a unique vibration and Energy that the Universe will immediately seek to balance by the harmonisation of and manifesting whatever you hold in your mind as soon as possible through physical channels, providing your vibration, your Energy at an individual level is in complete harmony with it. Creative visualization and in particular utilizing all powers of the imagination, facilitates this process considerably.

The Law of Correspondence is represented by the age-old axiom "as above, so below". Whenever Energy is projected into the inner spheres of reality, where density is much lower and vibration much higher, depending on the amount of Energy projected it will remain as a potential manifestation in the form of an Energy configuration until such time as the Universe brings about balance by actually manifesting it into physical reality. As previously mentioned, this is the basis of true Magic. Where the Law of Attraction subtly differs from the Law of Correspondence is that the Law of Attraction is a more ongoing interaction of Energy until harmony is achieved, whereas the Law of Correspondence seeks to balance stronger Energy or vibrations that have been brought about by a single or a few similar actions, by manifesting the object of that Energy into the physical world where the original creative Energy originated.

The Law of Cause and Effect is much more absolute in that it simply states that for every cause, for example the altering of Energy, vibration by means of the power of thought, there has to be a corresponding effect, and the Universe will always maintain balance by bringing about the corresponding effect. Absolute harmony is always the direction of Energy and therefore of the Universe as a whole.

The Law of Attraction is therefore more of an ongoing state of Consciousness, whereas the laws of Correspondence and Cause and Effect are more likely to be invoked by a single or few much more focussed cause. All Universal laws are in operation and interacting however at all times, all maintaining harmony, balance and ongoing perfection within the Universe.

There are no notional limits to what can be manifested by creative visualization, the Universe is infinitely abundant, but the forgoing needs to be considered most carefully. As with most things in life, whatever you succeed in manifesting will be directly related to the degree of effort and commitment involved, and the degree to which you vibrate in harmony with it.

Finally, before proceeding to the practical creative visualization techniques following, these words of caution should be repeated. Never, ever consider using creative visualization for the purpose of affecting others in any negative or harmful way whatsoever, either intentionally or otherwise. The Universal processes involved, like Magic, do not discriminate between positive or negative, good or evil, black or white all being degrees of the same Energy.

The creative abilities of humans are very real and very powerful, and must always be used with a great sense of responsibility. Again, in accordance with the law of Cause and Effect, including karma, anyone who uses their God given powers to cause harm to any other person, or indeed to any aspect of the Universe, will most assuredly pay the price, either in this or a future lifetime, there is no escaping the immutable Universal laws of Cause and Effect of which karma is an integral aspect. All of humanity and the entire Universe are as one; we are all aspects of the same infinite Energy and Consciousness of Spirit, we are all immortal aspects of The Divine, of The Source, of God, and anyone who harms anyone or anything else equally harms themselves without exceptions and in immutable progression, it is the Law. The Practice of Creative Visualization Learning to visualise effectively and at will is an extremely worthwhile ability. visualization is an aspect of the imagination which can not only be used in the process of maintaining full control over every aspect of your life, but as previously mentioned can also be used very effectively to manifest your desires, to heal yourself, to protect yourself from harmful psychic influences, and much, much more.

Also, and most importantly, these abilities can also be used in the same way for the benefit of loved ones and others.

Imagination is a major power behind all creation in the Universe, both in the Macrocosm and the microcosm. Everyone will use these abilities as a completely natural aspect of life in the much lower density of the inner worlds after passing on from the physical world.

Learning to visualise effectively, as with most worthwhile abilities, requires time to be set aside, preferably each and every day. Ten minutes each day will suffice to start with, but as you progress, thirty minutes each day would be much more beneficial. Any spare time during the day can be used to practice creative visualization as well as other valuable abilities.

To begin these exercises first of all obtain five household items of your choice, such as a fruit, a cup, a pen, a spoon, a coin; any such items will suffice; it is preferable however if they are all of a distinctly different shape and color.

Start the exercise by attaining a good state of physical and mental relaxation in a place where you can concentrate and will not be disturbed. It is best to sit upright on a hard kitchen type chair without leaning against the backrest of the chair; this will enable you to achieve the necessary state of relaxation, concentration and focus, with your spine completely straight, without falling asleep. For these reasons lying on a bed or reclining in an armchair are most certainly not advisable.

Set out your four chosen items in front of you. Now fix your eyes on the first of these objects and memorise it in as much detail as you possibly can, including shape, color, texture, patterns and any other significant details.

Next close your eyes and recall the object in your imagination in as much detail as possible. The objective is to visualise the object in your mind as clearly or even clearer than it appears to your physical sight. You might well find that when first starting these exercises the object will frequently fade from your imagination; if this happens simply use as much will power and concentration as necessary to recall the object back into your imagination. You will soon find that after time and practice the object will disappear and reappear increasingly less frequently until finally you can maintain a solid and realistic image for any length of time, visualising the object just as it appears to your physical sight.

Should you become tired practicing with one object, move straight onto the next object and repeat the visualization exercise. It is very important to remain as relaxed as possible while maintaining each visualization for as long and realistically as you can; there is nothing to be gained however by over-tiring yourself. Although these exercises might seem to be quite difficult to start with for some people, as with gaining any worthwhile ability it is extremely important to persevere; these are extremely valuable abilities as will become readily apparent to you.

The objective of these exercises is to maintain an image of your chosen item with total, absolute realizm, just as it would appear to your physical sight, for at least five continuous minutes without it fading from your Consciousness. When you have achieved this with your first four chosen objects, select another four objects and repeat the exercises until you achieve the same results. For the next stage of these exercises, rather than starting with four physical objects, recall any object or scene of your choice from memory and visualise it with as much realizm as possible. This might for example be a household item, something in your garden, or perhaps a favourite location or person; it really does not matter what image you select providing you can readily bring it to mind, retain it in your mind and become emotionally involved with it.

Having attained as clear an image as possible in your mind from memory of your chosen object, person or scene, once again endeavor to maintain the image as it would appear to your physical senses for a full five minutes without it fading from your imagination. When you can maintain any image vividly in your mind with total realizm for a full five minutes, then this part of the visualization exercises is complete.

The final stage of these exercises is to visualise objects with your eyes open. It doesn't matter which objects you choose for this purpose although it is better to start with the objects previously visualised with your eyes closed.

To commence, with your eyes open imagine, as realistically as possible, your object suspended in the air, standing on a shelf, on a table, or anywhere else of your choice. Your object must appear to be every bit as solid and real as the original physical object, so much so in fact that you feel that you feel you can actually reach out and touch it. There must be absolutely no doubt whatsoever as to the complete realizm of your visualised object as it is suspended in the air, or standing on a solid object such as a shelf or table. This exercise is complete when you can maintain in your imagination your visualization of any object, in any location, with your eyes open for a full five minutes.

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