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Things to Consider Before Moving for a Job

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Let's say you've received a great job opportunity. The pay is excellent, much higher than you'd expect, conditions are near amazing, and the overall work setting is more comfortable than in most jobs you've had before. Of course, things can't be that perfect. There's a catch, as always. You'll need to move a couple of hundred miles from your hometown. Okay, it's safe to assume you'd move if you get that kind of a chance. People have moved for less. Since you are reading this article, there might be a dilemma roaming your brain about whether it's good to leave your hometown and try your luck somewhere else. Thus, we'll try to help you come to a decision. Here are the things to consider before moving for a job.

Are you single?

Of course, it's none of our business to know facts about your personal life. Still, if you're single, live alone, and have no children, you're in a better position to move for a job. Now, you have friends and everything in your hometown, but imagine dwelling on this problem and having a family at the same time. If you live with a partner, you have some one-on-one talking to do. Don't push your loved ones into moving around the country with you. See them as equal in the decision-making process and, of course, in general. If you have strong arguments - lay them out, but don't push because it will only worsen things.

A family having lunch together

If you have a family, moving for a job can turn out to be a problem. Talk to them about your relocation and introduce arguments in favor and against the move.

Make sure your job is safe

One of the things to consider before moving for a job is your new job's security. Try to find out as much as possible about the company offering you the position. Since you're making an effort to move out of your hometown, you need to rest assured the company is stable and that it can guarantee you the position in the next few years. Or maybe you like the risk? Anyway, get as much information as you can and figure out what is the best option.

Stay positive!

Try not to panic over the decision you're trying to make! Whatever you do - whether you stay or leave - everything's alright. It's not like you're not going to get any job offers in the future. Still, long-distance moves are no easy feat and you have to be mentally prepared for it. So, make sure you get ready for this step. Make a plan, set a budget, and probably most importantly, don’t hesitate to ask for help! By doing most of the things we'll include in this article, you'll be almost ready. And even if you don't think you're ready yet, it's alright. People like to ponder over many what-ifs in their life, and it almost always leads them nowhere. Try to avoid overthinking! It will only set you backward.

A man in thinking position

People tend to overthink. It usually leads them nowhere. Whether you choose to move because of a job or not - it's all perfectly alright.

The cost of living?

Your new job may seem financially stable from your current point of view, but there are other things to consider. Imagine you're moving from small-town Kentucky to NYC. Wouldn't that be a change? It's not so hard to guess housing cost is higher in Big Apple. Also, the overall pace of life is quite different. Think about that also, as it can cause you some stress. If you're not the big city type but still want to try - that's totally alright. Maybe you'll adapt faster than you think. Perhaps the big city atmosphere is something you have unconsciously wanted all your adult life. And don't be sad if it doesn't work out. Also, you might even guess right now if you're going to like it or not, or if you can afford it or not. So, consider everything when doing the (financial and cultural) calculation.

Talk to your fellow coworkers

If, after everything we've talked about above, you still have some difficulty making the best decision, try talking to your colleagues. See if they've been in a similar situation before. How was their experience? Can they push you in the right direction? You'll quickly find answers to these questions just by taking them out to drinks and talking freely about your potential relocation.

Four guys playing table tennis. One of the things to consider before moving for a job concerns talking to your colleagues about the whole ordeal.

Your coworkers can provide you shelter from bad thoughts. Talk to them about your dilemma. They'll surely have something valuable to say.

Visit your potentially new workspace

Think of it as a test. You need to make sure you'll like your new work surroundings. What is the best way to find out if this new job really looks the way it sounds? Well, you've guessed it. You can go there for a visit. If your current work status allows, stay there for a couple of days. Try to get to know your future colleagues. See if the working area suits your needs. You can check that one just by looking at the photos, but it's best you have a first-hand experience with the space. Also, get to know the city you might be moving to. If you find the city's vibe to be appropriate - you're halfway there already. Some cities have that mysterious force lurking you in.

A quick recap

So, there you have it. These were some things to consider before moving for a job. Firstly, talk to your partner or family member(s) you're living with about the relocation. Introduce some arguments, both pro and contra, that'll help you get an objective picture. Make sure the company offering you the job is stable. You don't want to make a life-changing decision, just so it turns out to be temporary. Whatever choice you make - stay positive! There's no need to overthink this type of decision. People do it regularly, and it gets them nowhere near success. Compare costs of living; your new pay might not cover everyday big-city life. If after everything you still have some doubts - talk to your colleagues. Last but not least - visit your potentially new workspace and see what's going on.

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