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Concrete Cutting Process as Recommended by Experts

Concrete cutting is a complex process and needs the involvement of skilled operators as they have technical knowledge of using special saws to cut concrete following every precaution. Leaving behind the traditional cutting methods that include jackhammers to break up the concrete. Modern concrete cutting techniques are highly appreciable by cutting operators with the involvement of specialized machinery for cutting.

To begin cutting concrete you need one important specialized tool that is a diamond blade. However, abrasive blades can also cut concrete, but they sap quickly and need to be replaced several times during the process and sometimes may indulge you in inputting more force on the saw, which is dangerous, and one may lose control of the saw, facing a life-threatening cut.

  • Following the process of cutting concrete, first select the blade that will suit best for the job. Fit the blade in the circular saw, and then you will need to wet the concrete to reduce the dust spreading while you cut. If appropriate, point the garden hose to spray water directly over the area you want to cut.
  • Get prepared all preventive measures to keep concrete dust from incoming ito your home. If performing an activity area close to your house entry, then keep the door and windows closed. If it is close to house, any air intake system also covers it with a cloth or plastic sheets.
  • Drop water on the concrete to lessen the effect of airborne dust, and then mark the places using a chalk line where you want to cut a concrete wall, slab, or else. Try drawing with chalk as thick as potential.
  • Taking precaution measures should be on the top of the cutting process. Carry all safety tools and materials with you. Wear knee pads, eye and face protectors, shin guards, etc. Do wear a proper filtration mask.
  • When you are setting up a blade, saw then set the blade depth to a maximum of half an inch from the knob or depth lever. Setting the level of cutting will help you to control the saw better. First, rather than going all-in once, begin your cutting with shallow cuts as it will offer more control and time for your blade to cool off.
  • Set your saw to the lowest revolution per minute and slowly move the saw forward tightly, maintaining your constant two-handed grip on the saw. Try keeping the saw away from the concrete at different intervals because it will let your saw spin freely and will provide the blade chance to spew out any dust clogging it up and cool down.
  • After you have made half an inch cut in the concrete. Set back the blade depth to one inch from half an inch and continue doing cutting with intervals of 30 to 45 seconds of running saw. Following the process will comfortably add up a 2 inch deep cut in the concrete.
  • Despite your efforts to keep the dust level low, it will collect during the cutting process. Take a break, try sweeping it or use a wet-dry vacuum to suck all.
  • To cut more deeply, keep changing the blade depth until you reach your desire cutting depth. Once you got the possible center, then it’s time to switch to a sledgehammer.
  • Start hammering at the cut concrete and begin near the line but two to three inches away. Wave the sledgehammer with sufficient force to break the concrete.
  • To achieve a straighter and cleaner edge of the concrete cut line, make use of a claw hammer and mason chisel. From the base to the other end, position your chisel blade flush against the actual, swing the hammer at the top of the chisel firmly to clean up uneven edges.
  • Clean or move whatever grind concrete remains in the yard.


You can hire any specialized Concrete cutting services company in your city that performs concrete cutting operations. But if slicing slabs of concrete is thicker than 5 inches, getting pro services will be the best solution. But anything that requires slicing less than five inches can be cut by Direr with the correct information and precise tools.

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