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5 Common Problems of
Writing a Dissertation Proposal

Students should understand that they will get dissertation writing tasks at the end of the program to graduate. Therefore, they should start thinking about the topic at the starting time of the program. It will help them to write the dissertation proposal quickly because writing a dissertation proposal is also a challenging task that needs huge time, energy, and struggle.

The reason behind its complications is some of its major components that are very important to include in the proposal and these major components of the dissertation proposal are as follows:

  • A detailed statement of the problem
  • Review of the research problem
  • Statement about the overall study of the dissertation

The above statement needs to be stated as detailed information which can turn into 5 to 6 pages. However, the dissertation proposal could be 5 to 6 pages. Due to its length and complications, most students face problems while writing a dissertation proposal. Therefore, students prefer to buy dissertation proposal service. Here question is, what are these problems? So, take a look below

Common problems of writing a dissertation proposal

Topic selection 
Selecting an appropriate topic can consume huge time, effort, and energy. However, it should be chosen wisely because the right topic can lead them to write something better and clear. Therefore, students are urged to start thinking about the topic at the start of the program or talk with their advisors to choose a relevant topic. 

However, here are some ways to choose a topic:

  • Read the subject requirements carefully
  • Choose a topic about which you already know something
  • Do research
  • Should be unique and interesting

Identifying the problem
This is the most common problem which students face while writing a dissertation proposal. Sometimes, it can occur because of the choosing of a topic. Sometimes, students choose a topic that is not even relevant or students can’t find any type of problem which could be stated.

Time management
Time management is an issue that is not only faced while writing a dissertation proposal, it is the problem for every people which happens most of the time. However, writing a dissertation or dissertation proposal needs proper time because they are too lengthy and tricky that need huge efforts and time. Time management issues can occur due to many reasons like some emergency, other important stuff, etc. therefore, to resolve this issue here are some ways:

  • Make everyday schedule
  • Not down all the activities (important and less important)
  • Give priority to the important ones
  • Try to solve all the activities within the scheduled time
  • Save some extra time to do some extracurricular activities.

Formatting and documentation
Another problem is being faced while writing a dissertation proposal. It occurs because formatting and documentation vary from teacher to teacher and school to school.

However, formatting and documentation also differ from undergraduate to postgraduate program and it becomes very hard for Ph.D students to follow the formatting rules because of its complications. Therefore, most of the students prefer to Hire Phd Dissertation Writers UK to write for formatting purposes.

So, before starting writing it is very important to know for what type of program or field you are going to write a dissertation.

Citation problems
This is the most irritating issue because there are multiple types of citations like MLA, APA, etc. To site every source student, need to understand which type they should use. However, they can’t even take this process lightly because proper citation will not only help them to avoid plagiarism issues but also help the reader to get detailed information about any of your lines or sentence.

The above mentioned problems are the very common problems which are faced by almost every student. To avoid these problems, you need to follow a pattern which is given below:

How to write a dissertation proposal

A dissertation proposal is comprised of the following sections:


The introduction is the first and main part of the dissertation proposal which is very important because it is the only one that can attract the reader. So, to make a solid introduction, you have to include:

  • Basic introduction of the topic
  • Background information of the dissertation
  • Clear and concise

Main body

The main body is usually composed of the following sections:


  • In this section, you need to put all the methods that you have collected through your research
  • Briefly explain why you have chosen these methods

Aims and objectives

  • This section is to determine the main issue that you are attempting to explore.
  • In this section, you need to describe the result of your research

Literature review

  • The main purpose of the literature review is to show your reader you have conducted good research within your field.
  • A good literature review requires an obvious type of argument


  • This is the very main point that should be remembered because sometimes students put the information which should include in the dissertation.
  • The proposal should be limited to the information.


  • The conclusion is the reflection of the introduction part.
  • Explain the entire information which you have written in the introduction part.
  • Explain the answers to those questions that you have raised in the introduction part.

Final words

A dissertation is a well-researched, extended task that is very important in order to graduate, but before writing a dissertation students need to write a dissertation proposal which will decide whether your dissertation should be approved or not. It means, the proposal is the ladder to reach the level of the dissertation. Therefore, it is very important to write a perfect, well-structured dissertation proposal. Otherwise, it can create difficulties while writing a dissertation.

In this article, you will get the entire information about the dissertation proposal. It will help you to understand the impact of the proposal in the dissertation. Here you will also get to know about the mistakes that most students make while writing a dissertation proposal which can affect your dissertation.

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