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What Is Commercial Grade Restaurant Furniture?

The word contract furniture, or commercial furniture, is not well known to everyone in the restaurant business industry. Many restaurant furniture customers are not sure what it implies. When choosing furniture for any type of venue, it is important to remember that there is a distinction between commercial quality furniture and residential furniture. 

Contract-grade furniture is used for commercial purposes. It is very common in industries in the restaurant industry. This includes all forms of furniture such as restaurant chairs, tables, bar stools, booths, and booth seating. Contract grade furniture, often known as commercial grade furniture, refers to furniture used in commercial settings such as restaurants, bars, and hotels.

This type of furniture must be built of high-quality materials and can be found in any commercial situation where there is a lot of interaction with a lot of people, as opposed to residential furniture, which is only used by a few individuals in that household and eventually some guests.

Restaurant Furniture designs and manufactures commercial-grade furniture, and specializes in commercial-grade furniture. This type of furniture cannot be purchased at a typical local furniture store.

The compliance criteria that contract-grade furniture and residential furniture must adhere to are very different. All contract-grade commercial furniture providers must follow tight regulatory criteria and rules to ensure that their furniture products are safe for consumer usage.

Another significant distinction between home and contract grade restaurant furniture is that contract furniture is designed to withstand heavy use. A chair that will be used once a day at the dinner table has different design criteria than a chair that will be used dozens of times by various customers throughout the day in a busy restaurant. To satisfy these needs, this furniture is created with greater durability to endure regular and frequent use.

Why is Commercial-Grade Furniture Important?

When designing commercial dining spaces, you must consider a number of restrictions that affect how the finished venue looks. The same is true for creating and selecting furniture for use in commercial settings, which is typically evaluated and constructed to specified quality standards that assure human safety, long-term durability, and sustainability. These requirements can be different depending on the materials that are used and the setting. Hotel furniture, for example, can be assessed differently than that used in bars or restaurants.

Residential furniture is also different from commercial grade furniture in terms of frequency of usage and compliance requirements. Some of those differences include fire resistance, strength, and even weight capacity. These differences translate to a more expensive piece of furniture, but one that will last and maintain its appearance for a longer period of time due to the use of tougher and more durable materials.

As previously said, there is a very big difference in the quality of furniture materials used in commercial settings and tables, chairs, and patio furniture utilized in home settings. The restaurant and hotel industries are required by law to undergo durability, stability, and weight testing in order to fulfill commercial-grade furniture standards. The goal of these laws is to ensure that everyone continues to utilize the furniture.

Based on experience and product knowledge, a furniture supplier plays a vital role in delivering informed and customized solutions for the customer's outfitting needs. Furniture requirements, specifications, budgets, and goals differ per industry, which the buyer should be fully aware of. When you buy commercial furniture online, you have far larger choices than if you went to a physical store or a showroom. Instead of having to buy what is currently in the shop, you should be able to select the items you desire, such as frame finish and upholstery options. 

Because internet businesses can save money on items like renting a huge store, the savings can be passed on to the client, resulting in reduced costs. Online sites also let you examine matching goods such as chairs, bar stools, and restaurant tables to round out your decor. In addition, we also have a considerable gallery of installations where our furniture is already in use.

Shop our large collection of contract-grade restaurant furniture! If you need assistance ordering our items or with the interior design of your restaurant, please contact us at (866) 832-4897 or

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