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Five Ways Commercial Cantilever Umbrellas Can Be Used

Commercial Cantilever Umbrellas

The cantilever umbrella is a modern iteration of the classic outdoor umbrella. Its versatile nature makes it a must-have accessory for people looking for an effective shade solution that looks elegant on their outdoor spaces. The commercial cantilever umbrella has found application in many places. In this article we will discuss how the cantilever umbrella has changed the way we look at shade solutions.

Retail Stores

These days shopping isn’t just about buying and selling goods. The whole retail industry revolves around creating a memorable experience for the shopper. A lot of thought and money goes into creating the perfect retail environment for customers. Companies selling their products through retail outlets want their customers to enjoy the ambience of their outlets and go home with fond memories. That alone can make people come back to a particular outlet time and time again.

The commercial cantilever umbrella can play an important role in ramping up the ambience of a retail store. In fact, many companies use this practical accessory to promote their stores and create a unique user experience. Business institutions ranging from banks and automobile manufacturers to consumer electronics stores make use of the cantilever umbrella to host public events for brand promotion.

An extra seating area for customers in queue outside a retail store goes a long way in creating a dedicated consumer-base, and the best and the most cost-effective way of achieving this is by installing commercial cantilever umbrellas.

Hospitality Industry

The outdoor umbrella has been a revelation for the hospitality industry. You can see it being used outside cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and resorts. The outdoor umbrella’s modern iteration, the cantilever umbrella, has been a boon for the hospitality industry. Not only does it help convert an unutilised outdoor area like a sidewalk or a poolside into a revenue generator, but also helps in brand promotion.

A branded commercial cantilever umbrella converts a restaurant or café into a landmark for potential customers. Patrons of an eatery find it easy to associate themselves with a brand. Coupled with word-of-mouth publicity, the branded cantilever umbrella ends up bringing in more customers and thus more profits.

People love to spend time outdoors when the weather is pleasant and the sun is out and smiling. But there are concerns about too much exposure to the UV rays in sunlight. There is also the chance of sporadic showers foiling the fun. The large cantilever patio umbrellas are always there to protect restaurant goers from the sun and the rain. This creates a safe environment for restaurant patrons and bolsters their faith in the brand.

Educational Institutions

Outdoor education is as important to a young student’s learning process as any other mode of education. Educational institutions these days put a lot of emphasis on this effective mode of imparting knowledge. But what about the safety of children? If they are exposed to the hash summer sun for too long, they can be affected by the UV radiation in sunlight. This is where the cantilever umbrella plays a crucial role. It gives much-needed shade to the children and keeps them safe and secure?

Sports centres

A properly equipped sports centre is incomplete without outdoor umbrellas. They provide much needed respite in the form of a cool shade to athletes on a sunny day. The cantilever umbrella, due to its minimalist design, is the most practical shade solution for such places.

General Public Places

Parks, playgrounds, waterparks and almost every other public place, where people love to hang around, tend to employ shade solutions. This is done to give them protection from the sun in summer and the sporadic showers all through the year. The commercial cantilever umbrella is perfect for all such places. Its minimalist design and easy-to-use features make it best suited for public use.

Large cantilever patio umbrellas that you can use and be happy

1. The Cantilever Square from Flare Shade

This big and robust cantilever umbrella from Flare Shade comes in two canopy sizes – 11’x11’ and 13’x13’. The side-post gives you a lot of room to experiment with seating arrangements.

The frame of this high end cantilever umbrella is made from polished commercial grade aluminium that is extremely durable and weather-proof. The swivel-arm attaching the canopy to the post can be used to tilt the canopy and also rotate it 360 degrees so that you can block the sun effectively at any time during the day.

You can choose your canopy fabric from the two available options – Spanish Recasens and Italian Para Tempotest. Both these fabrics are UV and water proof and retain their sheen for a very long time.

2. The Cantilever Octagonal from Flare Shade

This cantilever umbrella from Flare Shade comes with a 13’ diameter classic octagonal canopy. It has a side-post that lets you go for any seating arrangement without you having to worry about the intrusion from a centre-pole.

The fabric options for the canopy are similar to the Cantilever Square - Spanish Recasens and Italian Para Tempotest. The frame is made from heavy-duty polished aluminium that will serve you for a very long time.

All in all, these two products from Flare Shade exude European class and quality that is bound to make your patio look more fashionable.


In this article we have discussed a few ways the commercial cantilever umbrella is being used in various sectors. It is really up to you to decide how you want to use your cantilever umbrella.

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