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The Color Wheel of Emotions

Businesses that wish to capture the attention of site visitors and ensure an increase in conversion should make an effort to understand the complex relationship between colors and emotions. Choosing a color scheme should not be arbitrary, but informed with the recognition that colors have the power to communicate different feelings and values. In addition to quality website design and responsive features, choosing a selection of aesthetically pleasing colors is essential for any brand that is dedicated to improving user experience and increasing conversion rates.

Increasing Website Conversions With Color Psychology Applications [Infographic]

Colors & Conversion Rates

Every color is capable of triggering a reaction. By using specific colors to elicit desired emotions in buyers, both in-store and online, brands and businesses can control whether a consumer will be more interested in making a purchase. Some colors provide more positive results than others when used in the marketing of products and niches. By the same token, using wrong colors can negatively impact buyers’ decision-making process. This is because emotions associated with certain colors can conflict with the ideal imagined hue of the brand.

Red - a traditional color that is known to increase heart rate and create a sense of urgency, which is often why red is used in clearance sales. It is a good color selection for food, technology, transportation and agriculture niches, but can be a bad choice for energy, finance, airplane, or clothing companies because it produces a more adverse effect.

Blue - one of the more popular colors used in sales because it can be viewed by color blind individuals and is regarded as having a positive impact on everyone. It is the most commonly used colors of many brands and websites on the market. There are many banks and businesses that have used this shade as it communicates security to customers. The colour blue encourages feelings of productivity, tranquility and trust. It is a good colour selection for healthcare, energy, finance and technology niches, but it is not recommended for food, car or clothing companies.

Green - used in stores to help customers relax while they shop. This color is used to promote feelings of growth, nature, and harmony. Green is most popularly used for energy, finance, food, household, and technology niches. However, it doesn’t work well when used for clothing, airplane, or car brands and can provide questionable results when used for healthcare.

Orange - a color that is used to create a call to action such as getting others to commit to buying, selling, or subscribing. It communicates ambition, enthusiasm, and confidence. It is popularly used in healthcare and technology niches, but does not work well for niches such as clothing, airplane, car, energy, or finance. This color has been recorded to produce unpredictable results when used for food, household, and agricultural branding.

Black - (while technically not a color) is arguably the most elegant of hues. Brands and companies that want to communicate authority, power, or elegance should consider using black. Black is the most popular choice for marketing luxury products and is often used for technology, clothing, and car brands. Due to what it communicates, it doesn’t work well for food, energy, finance and healthcare niches. Black can have varied results when used for agricultural or household brands.

White and silver - on the other hand, can be used to reflect the ideal of perfection. This is why shades of white and silver are commonly employed in advertisements that market cleanliness or classiness. This makes them a popular choice for marketing clothing, cards, charity, or healthcare brands, but it is not recommended for food or finance.

Purple - commonly used for marketing beauty products because it communicates wealth, power, and royalty. It works well for healthcare, technology, and finance brands but is not as attractive for energy or agricultural brands.

Yellow - the perfect choice for businesses that are seeking to provoke feelings of joy, intellect or energy. This is most commonly associated with food, but can be used by brands that want to create more cheerful feelings among viewers. For this reason, it is typically used by household, energy, and food brands.

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