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CLT-Panels: New Possibilities in Construction

Recently, Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) panels have gained unprecedented popularity. The secret is that they are ideal for building and decorating the exterior, offering all the benefits of living in a wooden house, but with better seismic resistance, resistance to fungus or microorganisms, as well as strong fire resistance - a traditional wooden house can not boast any of this. Also important is the CLT panels price, which is more affordable than wood, brick, concrete or even metal structures. Therefore, the implementation of the entire project as a whole significantly saves your budget.

What is CLT: material manufacturing technology

CLTs are thin wooden slats glued together so that the load on the finished slab is evenly distributed and the panel can meet modern construction requirements and needs.

Typically, coniferous tree species, such as pine or spruce, are used to make CLT panels. The wood is pre-certified: it all meets FSC standards.

The thickness of the plate itself depends on the number of layers and can be different. However, in the manufacture of the material, the rules are followed that the number of layers is usually odd. In terms of length, it can reach up to 18 m with a width of up to 3.5 m. These are the maximum dimensions, and they may differ depending on the specific request and needs.

Benefits of using CLT plates

You already know the main advantages: cheaper construction, resistance to time and natural challenges, or environmental friendliness. However, the list does not end there. In fact, using a CLT board you get a lot more:

  • The design is lighter, so the requirements for the foundation are reduced proportionally.
  • Cross-glued beams can be chosen for finishing work, refusing to paint the walls, wallpaper, or other ways of finishing. In some styles, such as Provence or even a loft, this step can look incredibly successful.
  • The panel is made to order specific architectural solutions. This allows you to cut the material with high precision, reducing costs and the amount of construction waste. At the same time the speed of performance of works on the contrary increases.

It also should be noted that the wall or floor of such a panel is quite warm, and if you live in a temperate climate, you can do without additional insulation. However, for latitudes where cool weather prevails, CLT boards are also suitable, and you can insulate the walls in any convenient way, as all options are perfectly combined with such plates. Therefore, CLT is a bet on comfort and convenience in the first place.

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