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How a Clean Workplace Affects Productivity
and Improves Personal Growth

Clean workplace

By Qurat-ul-Ain Ghazali

Productivity to us usually means being efficient. Efficiency is described as the ratio of output and input. More the efficiency, the higher productivity. Right? The connotation sounds to us as simple as our alphabet. However, the mechanism working behind it is quite complicated. A lot of companies complain that their employees are not productive enough. To achieve better results they increase the workload. Expecting a better outcome. What employers fail to understand is that addressing the root of the problem in the workplace could yield better results and could be a chance to improve the personal growth of the employees. This article focuses on how a clean workplace can affect productivity and improve the personal growth of the employees.

1. Less Sick Days

Clean workplace

Think of it like this, a messy office with stacks of paper and trash can cause a lot of distraction for the employees. Unsanitary and unhygienic conditions in an office can lead to employees getting sick more frequently. This would affect attendance and have a bad impact on productivity. A cleaning routine can help the employees to get more work done and meet their target much more easily.

A few stats could help you understand more where we are coming from. Did you know that on average, a keyboard carries almost 7,500 bacteria! Alarmingly, on average an employee will lose almost 9 working days to sickness. Unhygienic working conditions can be one reason why they fall sick. We don’t mean to worry you, but a virus can linger on any work surface and electronic device for up to 24 hours. Enough to keep your sanitizer at all times? Well, we aren’t quite done yet. There is so much more than a dirty workplace can do to you besides sick days. This reason is sufficient for you to hire professional cleaning companies like phs group.

2. Boost in Morale

There is no arguing that a clean workplace can boost an employee’s morale. As an employer, if you are providing your employees with a clean environment you are recognizing their worth. A clean message sends a strong message to the outside world as well. The first image anyone gets when they walk into your office is lasting. One can easily differentiate between a clean workplace and a dirty one. The sticky doorknobs and dirty windows have a permanent impact on anyone who walks in.

Would you want your employees to be ashamed of the place they are working in? No, right. Trust us, a little cleaning on your part and maintaining it could have a huge impact on the way the outside world perceives your company/business. More importantly, it would help to keep your employees happy and healthy! A boost in morale can help make your employees more productive and improve team relations. They would feel more sorted and open to ideas.

3. Reduces Workplace Conflict

Clean workplace

The condition of your workplace does not only affect individuals in their regard, but it can also be the cause of an unwanted tiff. We can all agree on how the smallest issues at the workplace can turn into something bigger. The cause of the issue can sometimes be as petty as someone not flushing the toilet or confusion with kitchen duties. The lack of organization in the office can be the cause of a petty squabble which nobody is quite expecting.

The solution? Everyone must hold the responsibility to clean up their mess. The office management must play their part in getting right. You might even need to hire professional cleaning surfaces as a kick-start. If you are established in London, then you might want to consider any reliable London carpet cleaners to take care of the dirty carpet. The carpet and walls have the greatest impact on the office environment. The good thing about professionals is that they don’t misplace any files and belongings on the tables. They will only clean what you tell them to. The responsibility to clean individual cubicles falls on the employees themselves. To each, his mess!

4. Better Profitability

All the factors that we have discussed above will naturally lead to higher productivity and eventually more profits for your entity. Consider this as a small investment to boost profits. You will be surprised by the results yourself. If you fail to see the advantages of a clean office, you will be paying the cost in other ways. A few minutes spent every day cleaning up will have a remarkable impact on productivity. Not just that, your employees will feel motivated to perform well.

Tips for a cleaner workplace

Clean workplace

Anyone can clean up by simply abiding by a few rules. You can make cleaning-up a fun task too. Have small contests like “The cleanest work desk” and keep a small prize for it. This would want the employees to clean up their mess and work towards the incentive that you are offering. You could even have signage displaid throughout the office halls to enforce cleanliness and hygiene. This could help the employees keep a check on themselves.

A few more things that ensure a clean environment are listed below:

  • It would be useful to educate the employees over the hazards of a dirty workplace. Sharing a few stats with them would help them realize what a dirty environment can do to their health and productivity.
  • On an individual level, allocating 10 minutes each day to tidy and clean one’s desk can prevent a larger mess to be accumulated over a longer period.
  • Another thing you would want to address in your office is spills. All spills should be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent damage to the carpets and desks.
  • You could even keep an air freshener to liven things up!

As intimidating as these tasks sound, cleaning might not be that difficult around a workplace. But without a clean and healthy environment your employees can suffer greatly. So, keep your organization’s productivity level high with an immaculate environment.

A clean and healthy working environment will create a good impression on any potential clients who walk into your office. It is crucial to present yourself as an organized and motivated team for any investors and clients. If a little cleaning can help you grab business, then there is certainly no way you even need to give this a second thought!

About the Author:
Qurat-ul-Ain Ghazali is an information system engineer and a certified digital marketing trainer with a passion for writing, designing and anything tech-related. Currently, she is the Digital Content Manager at Dynamologic Solutions.
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