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Chris Gardner Biography and Facts

Although you may not be familiar with the name "Chris Gardner," you are certain to have heard of or seen a movie starring Will Smith, The Pursuit of Happiness. The story of a famous businessman’s life revolves around how he overcame many obstacles.

Many people today are aware of the leading causes of frustration today: anger and suicide, due to the life-changing story of this black man.

The fundamentals that all children would want were missing from his childhood. Let’s find out an interesting and amazing life story of a man who inspired a lot of people around the globe.

Chris Gardner   Chris Gardner

Early Life and Family

A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States, He was born on February 9, 1954. His parents are Betty Jean Gardner and Thomas Turner. He was never aware of his biological father before he became a father. His stepfather was abusive to him.

As a result of her third marriage, Bettye also had two half-siblings. His mother had an earlier marriage, and he shares an older sister, Ophelia. They were both fostered twice as children. He had no father figure in his life and a broken father figure at home.

A man who gave him a reason to become a better person was his uncle, who served in the army. In addition to separation from their mother, the young children had to deal with false accusations from the violent Triplett. His mother, despite all his troubles, was the person who inspired him and motivated him to succeed, making him independent and confident.


He served in the US Navy for four years after high school. He began selling medical equipment in San Francisco after his honorable discharge in 1974.

A well-dressed man driving a Ferrari attracted his attention on one occasion, so he inquired about his career. He became inspired to become a stockbroker after learning that Bob Bridges was a stockbroker. As a result of Bridges' training, he was able to discover a world of opportunity.

To hone his skills as a stockbroker, he ceased working as a salesman after joining 'Hutton'. The broker who recruited him had resigned by the time he joined, leaving him with a blank slate. Dean Witter Reynolds hired him shortly thereafter as a trainee, without paying him until he got a job.

The meager amount of money he made from selling medical equipment was all he had to survive. In addition to making approximately 200 calls a day, the stockbroker trainee remained in the office each day for several hours. Afterward, Chris was recruited as a stockbroker by a San Francisco firm called Bear Stearns & Company.

The Chicago brokerage firm Gardner Rich & Co was founded in 1987 by the accomplished stockbroker. With only a tiny apartment in the Presidential Towers, he was only able to raise $10,000 as a small startup. Chris owned most of the business stakes, which resulted in the success of the company.

As a child, he credited his mother's words for keeping him engaged if he felt like giving up. A particular form of spiritual genetics he preaches was introduced to him by his mother, Bettye Jean Triplett. He had hope and faith that everything would be okay someday because of spiritual genetics.

Chris Gardner

Married Life, Son and Affairs

A proper analysis of Gardner's love affairs is essential to his grass to grace story. Our goal is to familiarize you with the names we mentioned. Chris and Dyson married in 1977. Despite their best efforts, the couple got separated after 3 years of marriage.

His extramarital affair caused the couple to separate, according to sources. The couple grew apart after he abandoned his dream of majoring in medicine, but it was not only because of that.

Although the stockbroker had an extramarital affair with Jackie Medina, he had two children with her. The couple was already separated by the time they became divorced in 1986.


The purpose of this article is to share Chris' story because he, despite all the challenges he faced, managed to succeed. Currently, he travels around the world as a motivational speaker.

He also sponsors several homeless charities and organizations dedicated to preventing violence against women. In this podcast, we try our best to tell his story from childhood to the present.

The latest information will be added to this page whenever it becomes available. We hope that you find this article useful.

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