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Choosing the Right Woodworking Equipment

Woodworking Trade

Woodworking can be described as the skill of crafting ideas and objects from wood. It’s a hobby a select few enjoy. Even fewer ever consider turning it into a career and making a living out of it. 

Undoubtedly, it is a rare skill but there is much more to woodworking than simply making carvings or furniture from wood. A skilled and talented woodworker possesses the ability to understand blueprints or other people’s creative vision, the preparing and setting up of machines but most importantly selecting the correct tools and equipment for a task. In this article we look at the basics of choosing woodworking equipment.

So how do you choose?

Choosing the correct tools will always be determined by the type of item to be crafted or the task to be completed and the type of wood that will be used. The categorization of woodworking tools will generally fall under electrically powered tools or manual handheld tools. 

The “must have” tools for every woodworker will normally be a hammer which is used for either hammering nails into wood or can be used to knock the back of a chisel. A square that is predominantly used for achieving perfectly squared angles, hand and power saws that are utilized for cutting wood into desired sizes. Other tools would include a power drill that helps in quick and efficient connecting of woods with screws, a tape measure and a file that is used for smoothing rough edges on wood. These are just a few of the variety of tools available to choose from, but these are the tools usually considered to be the most important. 

How do you determine which tools to choose?

How does someone choose or know which is the correct tool or item of equipment that will be needed for a particular carving or carpentry task to be done? This obviously will be largely determined based on the size and scope of the task to be done. 

A simple example would be the crafting of a small wooden table. The tools required for such a task will be any type of saw capable of cutting wood, a power drill, wood or lumber, screws, sandpaper and even paint depending on whether you would want your table to have a specific aesthetic appearance. 

Another but more sophisticated example would be in carving an image from a piece of wood, this though would require someone to have talent and a lot of experience. Making a carving from a log would normally require a pencil to draw a rough sketch onto the wood to be carved to start. A hammer and a chisel will normally be the tools to be used for such a task plus tools used for refining and finishing. However, such examples omit the usage of more advanced tools and equipment that are used in woodworking on a day to day basis. 

On an industrial scale woodworking will utilize larger and more intricate tools and equipment. Decisions on what to purchase for commercial use should be made by someone who possesses the necessary experience and understanding of woodworking. Instead of running from pillar to post, you could also ask a qualified professional for assistance.

Woodworking as a business

Woodworking has become more than simply a trade or hobby. Woodworking has also become an embedded part of remodeling companies and custom furniture businesses. Due to the scarcity of expertise, these businesses have proven over the years to be quite popular and lucrative. This business model for remodeling businesses is essentially the improvement and renovation to kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms or even making additions to homes. This format is perfect for individuals involved in woodworking. However, many alternatives do exist in regard to making a decent livelihood from woodworking. From the writing of books, blogs and manual instructions to creating courses pertaining to woodworking the opportunities for individuals involved in this particular skill are numerous. 

Woodworking is a great skill but safety is a major concern. There is a high risk of getting injured or hurt if safety guidelines are not adhered to adequately. Acquiring experience with the tools and fundamentals of woodworking will help ensure your safety and make woodworking all the more pleasurable to do. Woodworking brings out the creativity, logic and dexterity that is seldom experienced in any other form of artistry or labour. Having the right tools and safety equipment will ensure that you avoid frustration and delight in the finished product sooner.

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