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How to Choose a Product Photographer

Choose a Product Photographer

Thanks to the development of technologies, we can take an infinite number of photos every day. Modern smartphones allow us to create brilliant images that are better than professional photos taken ten or twenty years ago. Thus many of us believe ourselves to be good photographers.

Nowadays, online stores are so popular that product photographers are needed more than ever. Everybody who has any experience with photography will try to get this job. 

There are three types of photographers that most often try their hand at product photography. The first type specializes in event photography.

You can be good at taking photos of your children, friends, family, or pets. You can be a wonderful director of your home videos. Still, filming weddings, birthday parties, and attractive girls in luxury clothes against the backdrop of beautiful scenery differs from the process of product image creation. 

The second type are the flower and still life photographers. But their biggest problem is artificial colors.

The third type are retouch lovers. They are perfectionists who spend too much time processing the image, smoothing it over for hours. However, product photography should reflect the actual appearance of the objects. 

So, not every photographer is an expert in all niches. If you want images to advertise your products and attract customers, you need to hire a professional product photographer. And this is how to choose one.

First, you have to define the main concept of the photoshoot. Sharing your vision and understanding of the result will speed up and simplify the process. 

Product photographers must also have a unique portfolio that displays product photos. You have to be sure that the photographers haven’t just used images from the internet in their portfolio. Conduct a short interview before signing a contract with the photographer.

The main duties of a professional product photographer:

  • Preparing the shooting location, lighting, etc.;
  • Taking the photos;
  • Preparing the products for shooting;
  • Maintaining filming documentation;
  • Cleaning the workplace after;
  • Selecting equipment for the studio;
  • Drawing up technical specifications for retouching;
  • Inspecting retouched material.

Creating videos and 360 are not the main duties of a photographer. If you need this service, you have to discuss it in advance. 

Another thing to remember is that there are three sizes of products: small, medium, and large. You don’t need to rent a photo studio for small and medium-sized products. But for filming large objects, special equipment and a photo studio are required. 

A professional product photographer needs to know the features of photographic equipment, light schemes, graphics, image processing software. 

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