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How to Choose the Perfect Notepad
for Your Business

In the world of business, no success is too big, or a mistake too small. Every little thing can make or break a moment. A trivial handshake can launch conquests, an unseen fine print can ruin empires, and an ordinary notepad can hold game-changing ideas. 

To an ordinary person, a notepad is just a stack of writable papers bound inside an eye-catching cover. But to thinkers and innovators, notepads mark the testament to invention, creation, and imagination. 

Choosing the right notepad can thus prove to be significant for your business in the most unexpected of ways. Having a custom notepad can thus change how people perceive your company and influence how your best employees think. Notepad print services that can help you get the notepad your business deserves. 

How to Choose a Notepad for your Company 

Something as regular as a notepad might seem like a straightforward investment. But you would be surprised at how many choices you have to make before choosing one. So here is a guide to selecting the best notepad for your needs.


The right texture, right colour and the right ruling determine the quality of material in a notepad. And the quality of your stationery will reflect your company reputation. The sheet colour should be light and the texture should be smooth for an uninterrupted ideation or writing experience. Many professionals prefer to use top-quality rag fiber paper which is made of cotton-linen substance. If you want your business to take an environmentally sound stance, you can even opt for wood-free paper and cellulose paper options. 

Cover Quality and Design

People are advised to not judge books by their covers, but there is no such rule against notepads. The brighter and more attractive the cover of a notepad, the more inclined you will feel to use it. But you can achieve the best cover design only if you ensure that the print quality of your notepad is excellent. A good printing solution provider can give a vibrant finish to your notepads and reproduce your designs on the cover. 

There are numerous ways in which you can experiment with design. When buying for your employees, you can get personalized notepads for the various departments. Notepads can also be used as promotional giveaways. For promotional pads, make sure the design you turn in has a section for your company tagline, message and contact information. 

Print Convenience

A good provider will make the entire notepad printing business smooth and convenient. Most printing companies with an online presence allow you to send your print-ready artwork at the time of placing the order as well as after you have made the purchase. This saves you from the hassle of sending your design or sample by post. 


Creative decisions should not be rushed, but the fast-paced corporate world won’t let you take your sweet time either. When buying notepads, you must choose a provider that can deliver the order quickly and efficiently. Big scale companies promise delivery within two days of placing the order. They also provide designing services for all their customers. 

If you don’t have a design ready for your notepad, you can just send a high-resolution soft copy of your company logo and they will create a beautiful bespoke design for your company. Your personalised design will be ready in as less as two days and you will receive your notepads within a week, at no delivery cost. 


There is so much variety to look forward to in notepads. Different sizes suit different people. Reception desks will want smaller A6 notepad, wire-bound pads to write down and tear messages from, while trainers and executives would want A5 sized, glue padded pads to jot down their thoughts. 

Creative’s and Graphics associates would want the liberty that comes with A4 notepads so that they can sketch rough drafts of their designs on paper. Some would prefer short edge binding to work in portrait mode, while others would opt for a landscape alternative. You thus have to find a place that can provide you with a variety in size, binding type and binding position. 


You must be extremely mindful of the quantity you decide on while choosing notepads. You don’t want to order an amount so big that your notepad designs get outrun by your evolving brand image. But you also don’t want to order an amount so limited that only special clients and employees receive it unless that is a part of your promotional plan. 

It is hence smart to buy an amount that directly corresponds with the size of your workforce. Generally, you can order a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 1000 custom notepads at a time. 


You can be generous with your budget, but it is a human tendency to get extravagant in a bid to seek perfection. Buying notepads for your company is no exception to this rule. While selecting your providers, make sure that the price of the product matches the quality. Good quality A5 notepads in the UK cost around 4o to 50 euros, while A6 pads can cost from 30 to 40 euros and A4 can cost around 70 to 80 euros. 


It is indeed surprising yet inspiring to realise how big of an effect simple notepads can have on your business. With this realisation, comes the inescapable responsibility of choosing only the best for your enterprise. Now that you have all the knowledge you need to choose a good notepad, there is no reason to not go for the best.

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