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Best Way to Choose a Local
Business Directory in the US

Remember that not every business directory you find online follows the market standards of promoting a business. There are particular traits and features that an online business directory must have to qualify among the top.

If you are searching for top business directories in the US for your business listing, it is important that you remain highly selective.

Prior to submitting details on any online directory, you must understand that the online presence of your business is crucial for it to survive in today’s world.

You can check out this hekppful business listing site to research and find top companies. You must share your accurate business NAP (name, address, and phone number) on local directories that will end up benefiting your business at the end of the day. Hence submitting your listing on a directory for the sake of submitting will do you no good.

How to Short-List Best Directories for Your Business?

Before choosing any business directory to get your business listed on you should do some homework and analyse the metrics of the online directories according to the major aspects listed below:

  1. The Domain Authority or DA: The value of DA will tell you on what level the online directory shows on the search engine. If a directory has a low DA value then you must analyse its other aspects to decide where your business deserves to be listed on it or not.
  2. Page Rank or PR: The value of the PR reflects how important a directory is online.
  3. Then comes the miscellaneous factors that you must analyse as well which include the number of backlinks and organic traffic. This is important because these values would tell you how many consumers visit the directory in a day.

What features render a directory of low-quality?

To decide whether an online business directory is of low quality, assess the following details:

  • The name of the directory shows it is only present to build backlinks bit promote businesses,
  • The directory asks you to promote them in exchange for getting listed,
  • You see more ads on their main page than the content,

The top three characteristics show that the business directory is pretty useless.

Top Three Features to Analyse Before Selecting a Business Directory

1. The exposure of the business directory to the number of consumers

If the membership of the directory is free then there is no harm in getting your business listed on it. However, if you are planning to buy the membership then it is important you analyse the directory’s exposure to the consumer market. Find out how much exposure your business will get if you pay to get listed on a directory.

So, if you are paying around $50 per month for your listing, you should get a sufficient number of clients as well.

2. Quality of the business directory

If you are in the process of shortlisting business directories for your business then you must analyse the website’s quality keeping the following perspectives in mind:

  1. Figure out how the website of the directory looks? It must have a professional layout with attractive images on the main page.

The content of the site should not have any spelling or grammatical errors. Moreover, the website should be user-friendly and easy to navigate through.

  1. Check whether the site of the directory runs on cell phones or not. This is extremely crucial because the majority of the consumers visit a business page through their handheld devices rather than their desktops.

Hence, if a directory is not mobile-friendly, it is likely that not many consumers would visit it and your business may not get enough traffic from this listing.

  1. You must get in touch with the owners of the directory to inquire about how frequently they update their content and what are their future plans for growth. A directory should always have plans in place to evolve and grow because that is how your business will grow as well.
  2. Check whether the website of the directory is secure or not. The online directory must follow certain standards of data security so that your submitted details never get wiped out in case of any issues.
  3. Figure out the ease of navigation that the online directory offers. If it is too complicated for consumers to use for getting to your business page then it is of no good. A visitor must click the least number of times to stay on the page.
  4. Check whether you can submit your company’s logo design in the exact dimensions on the online directory. Also, see whether the directory provides you enough space to submit all your details in the listing or not.
  5. Find out who can advertise on the directory’s pages. If they just let anyone posts ads without verification, it shows that the directory does not follow market standards of quality.

3. Quality of advertisement

Even if you have the best of the best webpages on the internet, they are of no use if people do not know about your website. Hence, it is important for any online business directory to follow quality advertisement standards to attract a larger pool of consumers for the listed businesses!

Especially if you are paying a heavy amount of fee for your listing, it is your right to ask the directory where do they spend this money. Usually, your payment should accommodate the following for the business directory:

  • The office expenditure,
  • Cost of the administration,
  • Website running charges and hosting fee,
  • Legal fees,
  • Taxation,
  • Salaries of the staff,
  • Any travel costs if applicable

In the End

It is important that you take ample time to analyse the worth of a business directory before getting your business listed on it. The fee that you pay must get your desired engagement.

Remember that a high-quality business directory must always provide you with a growing clientele so that your business becomes value added by the listing. You can ensure this value addition only if you put your trust in high-quality directories that follow market standards of advertisement and search engine optimization!

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