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6 Tips for Choosing a Good Business Idea in 2020

Good Business Idea

By Ramesh Rawat

If you have come this far, you have thought about starting an online business, but you need some good business ideas to start.

You are going round and round thousands of thoughts that go through your head. Still, you do not finish clarifying what matters to start an online business or if those business ideas would be profitable, whether to make sales on the Internet or offer services.

And the more you think, the more ideas to start and business opportunities come to mind. It is a good time to squeeze your brain and get all the internet business ideas you have inside.

The brainstorming process you are experiencing is a good time to exploit your creativity. From all this, you will surely be able to get some ideas that can be very successful in your internet business.

This stage is very important; do not worry about wasting time thinking about the key idea because this will depend on your future business.

It is now convenient to put a little sanity and reason to all that sea of ideas that cross your mind.

Let's focus on these helpful tips to help you choose the most profitable business ideas.

6 Tips for Choosing Successful Business Ideas

1. Write down your business ideas

If you want to sell online and are not writing down your ideas, you are already wasting time.

First of all, if you want to know how to choose a profitable business, you cannot miss the profitable online businesses you can create on the Internet.

Most likely, you will remember most of the online business ideas, but it is true that when many come to mind, you can forget about others that you consider less important.

It is usually recommended that you always carry a small notebook with you with a pencil, but with new technologies, why carry a notebook if you can write them down on a tablet or your smartphone?

In this way, you can write down your business idea at the same time it arises, and you will have a list of all those that have occurred to you.

Tip: Read all the business ideas you write down at least once a day.

I usually read them twice a day, once in the morning when I get up and once at night when I go to bed.

Throughout the day or at the same time you read them, you can get new business ideas online.

Exclude some that you had signed up for. Keep writing them down. The more you have, the more likely you are that one will be a success.

2. Don't be in a hurry

As I said before, do not take the first good business idea that appears to you.

No hurry. It takes what it takes to find the best according to your knowledge and experience.

You don't have to start building your business tomorrow. Take the time you need. Think of this as one of the most important decisions you have to make.

Your future and the success of your business will depend on it.

3. Please select the most general business ideas and specialize them.

It is good that you write down all your ideas, but you will see that many can branch out in different subjects when you read them again.

For example, you may come up with a business idea for the sale of electronic products, but analyzing this and other ideas, you may find it more interesting to focus only on the sale of computers or music equipment.

4. Use internet search engines or online service.

Use internet search engines or an online service like to validate a business idea and analyze it.

Use Google or another search engine to search for businesses on the Internet or pages dedicated to your idea.

In addition to corroborating that the business idea you have in mind can work, it will also help you analyze your competition's demand and business ideas.

From there, you can improve your online business idea over that of your competition.

5. Competition is good

You probably have come up with a couple of good and original ideas, and the first thing you did was a search for it on Google.

While you search, you wish there were no results with your search to know that you are the only one and have the world at your feet.

This is a mistake.

First of all, you should look for a business idea that satisfies your potential clients' needs.

If you see thousands of results with your search, do not be disappointed, far from it.

Finding results and competition about your idea indicates that it is a good business idea and sufficient demand.

Your business's problem is the lack of demand for such a specific market niche where there are already established businesses. It would not be easy to earn money online productively and sustainably over time.

It would have been more profitable to start a business selling books or any subject with more demand even if there is a lot of competition dedicated to it.

Conclusion: if there is competition, there is demand and, therefore, it is a profitable online business idea.

6. Discard ideas

After a good time searching, selecting, collecting, and grouping good business ideas, it is time to discard the ones that are least suitable for you. This is relatively easy; look at these two points:

Discard online business ideas that you are not passionate about: passion is not everything, but it is always better to bet on the most exciting ideas. If you do not do something you are passionate about, you will get frustrated if you do not get results, and you will end up leaving it prematurely.

Discard ideas that do not suit your knowledge: you may like fishing and go fishing every weekend. You bought yourself a rod and some baits, and it is everything you need. It's okay to have this kind of hobby but don't start a business on it if you don't have more specific knowledge. However, you can always take a training period before undertaking it.


Once you have reached this point, you will have a list of profitable business ideas that adapt to what you like and what you know.

Now there are only two steps left: make a list of each business idea's pros and cons to discard any more and do a market study on the finalist ideas.

At last, you will have some good ideas on which to start your online business. From the ones you have left, you can choose the best business idea, the one you think can give you the most profitability, or simply the one that costs you the least for your resources and knowledge.

As a final point, before starting your online business, you will have to think of a good domain name with which your business will be known online.

I hope the article helped you. Do not hesitate to share and comment on social networks that you think.

See you!

Ramesh Rawat

About the author

Ramesh Rawat, founder of BloggingAsk. I answer the questions of newbie bloggers, and help them grow their blog. I am blogging for the last 3 years, and I started my first blog in 2017.

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