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How to Choose a Cross for Yourself or as a Gift?

Is there jewellery that can be with us throughout life? Certainly. As a rule, we are talking about various kinds of amulets that accompany a person almost from birth. One of the most ancient and powerful is the cross. Such an ornament can be decorative, or it can be meaningful both for the person who gave it and for the owner.

Choose a Cross

How to make a choice

The FJewellery online shop offers a huge assortment of silver crosses. It's so big that you might need a little guide to figure out exactly what you're looking for. The website has a convenient catalog with filters. They will help you make a choice.

The simplest parameter that will help you make a choice is the gender and age of the future owner. In the shop you can find cross:

  • For men. As a rule, large models range in size from 1.6 inches.
  • For women. There are no restrictions here at all. Although, of course, it should match the style of the jewellery that the future owner is used to wearing.
  • For kids. Miniature pectoral crosses that will fit even a baby. Their size may not exceed 0.8 inches.

To make a choose, please note that:

  • Today, the church recognizes a whole variety of models. Therefore, by buying a cross as a gift for Christening, Angel Day, Christmas, or another holiday, you can give free rein to your imagination.
  • Items can be with or without gemstones.
  • Choose a chain for a cross that matches the tone of the material and style. If you decide not to buy a metal chain, then you can choose, for example, a leather cord. If you want to know if it is possible to wear a cross on a chain with other jewellery, then it is best to ask your spiritual mentor about this, because the clergy has no consensus on this matter.
  • For evening looks, more decorated models are suitable. It can be inlaid with precious stones or an original design.
  • There are Orthodox, Catholic, and decorative crosses.

The main differences between Orthodox, Catholic, and Latin cross

The Latin cross is the simplest. There is no bas-relief of the Savior, inscriptions in the design.

The Orthodox cross is the most decorated. It has six or eight corners. There is a figurine of Christ, which is nailed with four nails (that is, his legs are parallel), and the hands are located with open palms. There may also be three inscriptions: on the front side above and below the figure of a person, as well as on the back.

In the Catholic version, the design is simpler. As a rule, this is a hexagonal model. The figurine of the Savior is nailed with three nails (legs crossed). The brushes hang. There is a top bar with an inscription.

Choose inexpensive or spend a lot of money? This is your choice. You must understand that faith in God is not determined by the price and money that you spent on buying jewellery. It can be a modest model without decor, which will remind you of the Savior. Or a gem-encrusted piece that you can wear over your clothes.

How to wear

Choose a Cross

If you bought the jewellery for religious reasons, then after the purchase it is advisable to go to church and consecrate it. Then put it on yourself. Pectoral crosses are worn underclothing. There should be a separate leather cord for it, a strong thread or chain in the colour of the metal from which the cross is made.

The FJewellery shop has everything you need to make your choice quickly. There is a convenient catalogue, photos of all products, and a description. It is possible to compare several selected options. You can catch the best prices if you track discounts or look in the “Pre-owned” section.

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