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Is Child Resistant Packaging Sustainable?

Child Resistant Packaging

We live in a world where there are products that aren’t safe for children to have access to. Therefore, it’s important to have child resistant packaging that keeps our children safe and unable to access products that aren’t for them. For example, we don’t want children having access to detergents, cleaners, cosmetics, and prescriptions. That is why most of these products come with child resistant features to keep children from having access.

A product that is gaining popularity is cannabis. Cannabis has gotten much attention as it’s been used for medical and recreational purposes. As it is becoming legalized in more states, many people are keeping this product in their home. However, it may not be safe for children to have easy access to these products. In that case, child resistant packaging is necessary for products such as cannabis, vape pens, and e-cigarettes. You might find that many child resistant packaging options are made with heavy duty plastic that isn’t sustainable for the environment. However, we have the responsibility to take care of children and the environment. So how do we do both? Discovering and using child resistant packaging that is sustainable can protect children and decrease the amount of waste with packaging.

Child Resistant Eco Bags

Using child resistant packaging that is recyclable can help reduce waste and protect the environment. If you have products that need to be in a child resistant package, then you can purchase child resistant eco bags that are recyclable. You don’t have to settle for packaging that contributes to waste. You also don’t have to purchase eco-friendly packaging that isn’t child resistant. You can store and ship your products in child resistant packaging that consumers can drop off at the local store’s recycle bin. This way, you are supporting the initiative to reduce the impact of plastic packaging on the environment. At the same time you are protecting children by using child resistant packaging for products that are not recommended for children.

Child Resistant Tins

The best way to reduce plastic waste in the environment is to not use plastic at all. You can purchase child resistant tins that are recyclable and made with zero plastic. By having a steel tin that has an integrated locking mechanism, children can’t access harmful products and you can easily recycle the steel tin just like you can recycle cans. It’s also great packaging because you can reuse the steel tin for other products to reduce the use of plastic bags or other materials that you use once and then throw away. Providing consumers with child resistant packaging that is sustainable helps to encourage them to also be eco-conscious with the products they are using daily. By using child resistant packaging that is sustainable, you help set the tone for protecting children while reducing waste in the environment. Taking this strong stance can help give a competitive advantage and stand out to consumers.

Other Benefits of Sustainable Child Resistant Packaging

The main benefits of sustainable child resistant packaging is that it protects children and reduces waste in the environment. However, there are other benefits too. Keeping your products in packaging that is sealed tight can help keep strong scents of certain items at bay. If you have items like lotions or cannabis, these products can have strong scents that some people may not particularly like. Using packaging that seals or locks tight can reduce odors that would otherwise be made known. With your products being sealed tightly, it also protects the products in them. No leaks or exposure to outside elements, which is perfect for tea, coffee, edibles, and topicals.

Depending on where you get the sustainable packaging, you might be able to customize as much or as little as you want to your products. You can print your brand outside, or you can keep it as discrete as you want for your consumers. It’s also important to make sure you are purchasing child resistant packaging that is certified with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to ensure it meets the standards and requirements of a poison prevention package. Companies that are a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) show their initiative to make their packaging more sustainable for people and the environment. When looking for child resistant packaging that is sustainable, look for CPSC standards and membership of the SPC.

The Right Packaging

When you need child resistant packaging, choosing packaging that is sustainable is an option. By using recyclable bags and tins, you are showing consumers that you care about the safety of their children as well as the reduction of waste for the environment. You don’t have to settle for packaging that doesn’t meet quality standards. And you can customize child resistant packaging to meet the needs of your brand. You can make your packaging stand out or you can have it blend in and keep it discreet. Either way, you can choose child resistant packaging that is sustainable for the environment.

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