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Chemistry C/O for an Excellent Career

Chemistry… Mystery for the students! But in future it is said that chemistry will play an important role in all the fields. Students from starting level itself should increase the interest in chemistry which is a part of basic science to have a bright future, with wonderful opportunities. Let us have a focus on education and job opportunities in chemical engineering.

Chemistry…subject that is needed in all the fields medicine, biology, bio chemicals, physics, environmental sciences, Astronomy, plantations, bio-technology…like this in everything without chemical effect result is not possible. We see daily in the medical shop boards that will be written as chemists and druggists. Due to this so many of them are thinking that when they get degrees in chemistry also as this is the future? AP CFMS

Another problem communication:-

In chemistry at present there are higher education…then high level jobs are more in number. But to get into it, communication gap has been changed as the main problem. It is not up to the level expected about the discussion that is there for awareness about job opportunities in this field. Students are thinking that through the world engineering, medicine, management…Are only career goals.

A country’s future development research and execution. But for them the balancing will be only based on chemistry. It should be identified. From higher level itself if the interest is there on basic science… Then in chemistry, chemical engineering parts opportunities are so many.

Future opportunities:-

In future there is no lack of opportunities in chemical science. In the worlds chemical industrial business India’s share is three percent as it only said like that. If it is said in number, 108 billion dollars is the answer for the work in chemical field. At this way, in the country fertilizer industry business is got. Not only that…at present central government, industrialist action that has taken…at 2017 Indian chemical industry will reach 224 billion dollars said in 12th five year plan. But at the same time lack of people will become the main problem.

50 lakhs people are needed:-

In the same way based on the expectation of five years plan – approximately 50 lakhs people are going to be needed. Government action on the way of training. Government should give special attention on training level so as to fulfill the needs of the chemical industry. 12th five year plan will also says clearly about it. In future on the basis of demand a high level vocational institutes, diploma ins institutes should be founded. Not only is that it also suggested to arrange chemistry specialized university. Along with that it is also said to conduct a new programme in the name technology application fund.

Present Educational Opportunities:-

At present for students those who want to get settled in chemistry field have two types of courses which are available. They are… at university level B.SC,, M.Phil, PhD like these courses should be completed. In the same way in IIT with chemistry specialization should enter in P.G course. To have entry in IIT, IIT-JAM should be attended.

Stage for Jobs: -

Those who have got skills in chemistry part from small scale industries to multinational. Companies in all places there are opportunities, fuel industry, bio industry, manufacturing, bulk drug production, clinical testing, drug formulation, marine engineering industries… Like these all are stage for jobs skills, based on courses studied the starting salary is from Rs. 15,000/- to Rs.40,000/- will be there.

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