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3 Characteristics of an
Effective Business Card

Why you need professionally designed business card for your business. The basic purpose is to introduce your business cards to your potential customer or niche market. Essential purpose of having business cards is to present yourself and your company to a customer. You must ensure that your business card will make a positive impact on your customer's mind so they will show interest towards your product and services that you are providing them. Your business card must be designed in a way that there are several attributes that need to be placed on your business namecard in order to work effectively for you.

Professionally designed business cards are an essential part of your marketing strategy as they are a direct reflection of who you are as a business. Keeping this in mind, you must hire the professional services of designers to design your business cards and other printing materials like leaflets, banners, stickers and many more printing materials for marketing.

Kiasu Singapore namecard printing can print and design professional business cards and other printing material for your company. They are professionals with expertise in designing digital and offline cards, which you can get it in a very cheap rate. They have high skilled designers who can design your business cards as per your requirement and get them print out in no time. You can get design and print all the marketing material that is relevant to your business necessities like business cards, letterheads, envelopes, posters and stickers.

Other than business cards, Kiasu Singapore sticker printing is another way of effective marketing tool that can be used to enhance your presence among your potential customers. They have technical expertise and have machines through which you can get print various types of stickers depending upon purpose how you want to include in your business.

An effective and professional business card requires the following characteristics:

  1. Color and Finish
    Your business card is the first interaction of your business to your clients. Color of the business card is one of the essential part as it depicts the type and nature of your business. You must know that your business card shows your professional attitude and it’s the first step that interacts with your customers. As discussed, the color of the card wholly depends upon your business. If your business is related to education, then plain colors will be ideal for it. For an artistic business, you can choose a mix color theme that shows your confidence and skill. For a business that involves technology then you can use business card QR codes specially designed for business cards, which includes website address as well as company address and many more. Secondly, card finish plays an important role in attracting your customers. Well it depends upon your budget and ideal design whether you like matte, glossy or textured, depending upon your type of business.
  2. Design
    Whether it is a business card or other business printing essentials like posters and stickers, design must hold each of your business elements together. You must arrange texture layout, color, pictorial imagery and readability of your business name card in such a manner that they should come together without feeling patched together. We must be sure that all elements work together to present an overall picture of what potential customers can expect from your business. If that is not the case, then you need to redesign your card or ask for professional help. Kiasu Singapore namecard printing have professional graphic designers and printing professionals that can help you in getting the good and professional look of your business card.
  3. Text
    One of most essential characteristic of business card is the texture layout. You must logically arrange the information that shows how convenient it is for your customer to understand and use. You must use tag lines that include your unique selling point instead of adding too much information. List your social network and website links to allow users to find more about you and your business by their own.
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