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Certification of Elevators According to TR CU 011

The abbreviation TR CU stands for Technical Regulations of the Customs Union. This system was created in accordance with the approved rules in force in the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation.

What products does it apply to?

The conditions of this document are mandatory for all types of lifting units and related mechanisms that ensure their reliability. Technical requests are not valid for lifts used:

  • in the mining industry;
  • on any water craft;
  • at exploration and drilling offshore sites;
  • on passenger and transport aircraft;
  • on mechanisms having a rack and pinion transmission.

The requirements are in place to protect human life, property, and prevent illegal manipulations that could mislead consumers or give them false information regarding the use of devices and issues of their safe operation.

What is required to obtain a certificate

The issuance of the document is carried out by the appropriate authority, which has accreditation on the basis of the Agreement with the consumer. The certificate is issued after the user submits an application indicating the applicant's data, address, and all information about the object and data on the safety of the machine.

The application must be accompanied by documentation certifying compliance with the regulations:

  • description of technical characteristics;
  • operating instructions;
  • wiring diagram and listing of related elements;
  • drawing of hydraulics with a list of attached parts;
  • certificates of tests and measurements;
  • results of risk analyses;
  • copies of certificates of conformity and quality;

To obtain a declaration TR 011, you must provide a protocol for checking the operability and safety of the elevator after installation is completed. You will also need elevator diagram and project documentation for the installation. Data on dimensions corresponding to the established regulations, detailed drawings of equipment, calculation of the load on the mine should be indicated.

Validity periods

The period of validity of certificates for elevators and devices that ensure their safe operation does not exceed 5 years. After that, the applicant must apply to the certification body and obtain a certificate in accordance with the current regulations, providing all the required documents. Certification is designed to approve uniform requirements for elevators in the countries of the Customs Union, which are mandatory for all members of the union. The document ensures the unhindered movement and transportation of goods across the territory of the Union.

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