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Is Personal Development Still Needed By Celebrities To Be Alive: What Are The Reasons You Need To Know?

Do you think celebrities still need personal development to be alive and remain famous? Are they successful enough that they might not need personal development at all? What could be the reasons behind considering such kind of development even by a celebrity? Well, these questions will be answered as you read throughout this post!


Is personal development considered by most celebrities for them to be successful in life? If not, what could be their secret to make their success alive? Indeed, there are so many things that you need to consider when it comes to dealing with personal development. And even celebrities should be aware of this!

But what is personal development anyway?

Well, it is considered to be a lifelong process, and it is a way for individuals to assess their qualities and skills. It is also about recognizing their aims in life and setting their goals to realize and maximize their potential.

So, since celebrities are considered to be famous, and might be at the peak of their success, do you think they still need this kind of process? The answer could be yes if we look at some of the worst case scenarios like the death of celebrities in young age; Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse and Jimi Hendrix all died at the age of 27.

Is Self-Help Needed?

Are you familiar with Justin Bieber? He is a celebrity and a very successful one as well. But, have you ever heard about the rumors saying he is a bad example? It could be a bit dangerous to talk about Justin Beiber or any other celebrities because we don’t know their lives.

Aside from Justin Bieber, some famous individuals that supposedly don’t need self-help include Curt Cobain, Elvis Presley, Robin Williams and Steve Jobs. If you really dig deep into the lives of these people, you might find out that most of them definitely screwed up their lives or have experienced dysfunctional lives too.

And this is the reason why we see numbers of celebrities that are being arrested, those that are too drunk, into fights or got caught with drugs or prostitutes. And the interesting fact about this is that the said celebrities are successful, with well-known status, respect and fame, yet their psychology is not mature enough to handle what they actually have.

So, how do you think these famous and successful people take their psychology to maturity? Well, personal development indeed matters.

Happiness and Success Aren’t Correlated

You might think how these successful celebrities can maintain their status in the society amidst dysfunctional lives, am I right? In this case, you should know the fact that happiness and success are not correlated with one another, especially with regards to personal development.

Another misconception is that, if you are successful, happiness will be along with it. However, this is not the case! You should be aware of the fact that there is no connection between happiness and success. There could be many successful people out there, yet they have very messed up lives. They might look glamorous and cool outside, but you have no idea that they might be suffering inside.

You see how they go to different places, but you have no idea about their inner feelings and emotions. If only you knew, you might not think what to be in their shoes. You would not want to be successful, like earning millions of dollars or the chance to travel all over the world, if you only knew their inner side.

Examples of Successful People with Miserable Lives

Do you know Kurt Cobain and Elvis Presley? They are known to be iconic and famous figures in the pop culture. If you find time reading their biographies and learn about their lives, you might discover how miserable their lives were.

Elvis Presley and this binging and inability to control his addictive behavior. He was very successful, he earned millions of dollars and was adored by everyone. He wasn’t able to resist eating a five thousand calorie sandwich along with grease, cheese, bacon and all his nasty stuff. And he died because of that.

How about Kurt Cobain? His cause of death was shooting himself on April 5, 1994 in Seattle. He was considered a dysfunctional figure though he was also well-respected and loved because of his music.

Indeed, the reasons why most successful people, particularly those celebrities in the industry, are not into personal development because they think that with success, happiness and almost everything they want will follow. But apparently, that isn’t the case. And so they end up with something that they actually didn’t even imagine!

Why Is Personal Development Important?

So, for celebrities to keep them alive, not just in the eyes of the society but for themselves too, the need for personal development is a significant matter. There are particular reasons why they need such kind of development which include the following:

Personal development forces an individual out of the comfort zone

Celebrities have a job that they might not want to do or might seem not right on their part, so personal development could help them in improving these weaknesses. Confronting the said areas and improving could help to push them out of their comfort zone. And this will allow the celebrities to enhance skills and experience growth as well.

This kind of process develops strengths too

If individuals are to focus on nurturing and utilizing the strengths more, you can be an excellent one. You might be able to reach the potential and achieve significant growth by developing the skills that you are already good at.

The said development boosts confidence

If you decide to improve your skills, then you are also a bit closer to the feeling of being more confident. If you achieved a specific goal, developed a particular area in life and gained another skill, you feel good about yourself, right?

Final Thoughts

If you think that celebrities are too aware of personal development, well most of them are not! And most of them ignore this lifelong process and just live their lives as they want to. Apparently, this kind of development is needed by everyone to continue living a balanced and happy life, even if you are a successful celebrity!

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