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Why is CPD Certification Worthwhile for Creating a Professional Development Plan?

According to a report from The Telegraph, the COVID-19 pandemic cost corporate Britain at least 200,000 jobs. It could be argued that businesses axed underperforming and underdeveloped employees while retaining the productive counterparts. If you become CPD certified today, there is a great chance that you might be able to retain your job or be able to get one in this current tough market.

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certification can be beneficial for an employee’s career prospects and it can help concerning a long-term career plan. This article provides reasons why CPD certification is important and how it helps with your development plan:


A professional development plan would include a couple of things that define your work ethic.

  • What makes you a better mind in your field?
  • What are the lapses you should fill?
  • How can you outsmart the manager or recruiter?

Typically, HR promotes and documents performance assessment. Of course, every task at an organisation is dedicated, mostly to the best hands.

If you must earn it, you ought to prove that you deserve it.

In a typical interview, before the date, HR recruiters would have designed a realistic, clear, and essential job standard. At the point of stepping in, they already know whether you qualify for the job. If you are a smart candidate, CPD training would have informed you to evaluate/build yourself before time.

Is Experience Important?

A 2017 NACE Job Outlook surveyclaims that 91% of employers prefer job seekers with experience and 65% prefer candidates with relevant job experience. Well, CPD training courses, seminars, and conferences can eliminate inexperience and fortify your professional development plan.

A simple CPD learning from experts is a golden head-start, it widens your knowledge gap, instils experience, even though you have none, and elevates you to a point of professional recognition faster. Lest we fail to mention, it builds your reputation despite not having significant experience in the workforce.

Learning Enhancement/Productivity

CPD certified training can enhance your learning abilities. From an employee perspective, adapting to a new role is, normally, not so easy, especially if it is strange entirely. It takes between 1 and 2 years for employees to adapt and become productive.

Guess what? CPD certified courses and standard training can hasten the learning duration.

From a manager/company perspective, onboarding, for instance, should last for 90-100 days according to Panopto.

Looking at the conflicting figures, we can establish that there is no one answer as to how long onboarding should last. It would depend on what works, and a competent CPD program can help the company strategise following employee trends to boost productivity.

Establish Measurable Goals

The most effective practice when developing a professional plan is transparency and measurability. If the plan is obscure, you can be sure that the result will be absurd.

After CPD certification, you can access several experts for advice and ideas to create a measurable workflow that brings in flexibility.

You can determine where you ought to be and what you plan to achieve in the next quarter.

When you set up goals and follow up with updates courtesy of CPD training certification, it eliminates your chance of becoming a victim of job loss or subject to heavy criticism at the workplace.

Final Thoughts

The concept of CPD and its importance in creating a professional development plan is a ticket to productive work-related ambition.

Generally, CPD is designed to enhance and make sure that a professional retains and updates their skill set frequently amidst the growing competition in the labour market.

CPD certification will further make sure your development plan does not waste and that you render professional services constantly.

Finally, creating a professional development plan with CPD opens you to new skill areas, widens your knowledge gap, and creates new possibilities.

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