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Learn About the Career and Journey
of Young Rapper Rod Wave

Rod Wave

Rod Wave is a young musician, singer, songwriter, and rapper from America. He has successfully generated a huge fan base based on his soft and sweet voice. He is famous and is also considered a fantastic storyteller through his songs. So if you wanted to know more about him and his personal life, you have come to the right place. Here you will get every bit of detail on his career and how he became popular.

Rod Wave, is just 23 years old young rapper born in St Petersburg in Florida. Rod Wave's real name is Rodraius Marcell Green. He had to go through some tough times growing up because of his parent's divorce. However, he started showing interest in music when he was very young in the age. His parents told him that he would often start rapping onto his favorite songs whenever he listened to them.

Getting Into Robbery

As you know, he had a rough childhood, so because his parents got split up and his father went to jail at that time, he and his family had to deal with a lot of financial issues. So to take care of his mother, he started earning by doing odd jobs. This was when he got into the crimes such as drug dealing, robbery, etc.

He was arrested too for the crimes, but his brother took care of himself until his father finally got back from jail. Then they started to motivate him to focus on his music; thus, Rod wave once again started singing seriously and wanted to be successful.

More About His Career

So as Rod Wave was trying to make it big in the music industry, in 2016, he got his first breakthrough and recorded his first single, Heartbreak Hotel. The song got released at the end of 2016, and it got millions of views. This is how he made his debut showing talent to all people. After the single just a few months later, he launched his first album named Rookie of the year, and it has eight tracks. The people liked the songs, and some of his songs got viral too, and he slowly started getting many followers and fans.

He kept working on his music and releasing singles, and 2018 made him the successful and famous he is today. He started collaborating with the bigger artist, who earned him a huge success on YouTube and other streaming platforms. What made him successful and unique from other singers of this time is his voice and music blend of R and B to hip hop.

Personal Life

Rod Wave leads a very secretive person who believes in keeping his personal life private. So at the moment, it is hard to tell everything about his family or his girlfriends. So instead, he interacts with his fans on social media and answers all their questions except his personal life. But you would be shocked, at this very young age from having tough childhood, and he is now an established artist with around 15 million dollars net worth.

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